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Jun 7, 2006
Sahuarita, AZ
Took the new LCR to the range recently. Took me a few cylinders to get used to the DAO revolver but the groups got consistant sooner than I expected.
First tried 158gr moly coated cast lead flat tips. Groups with 3.5 and 3.8gr of TiteGroup were about the same. 4.1 gr loads started to open up so we'll stay with 3.8 gr loads.
Then we shot some 125gr moly cast lead CN tips. Used Power Pistol - 5.0 and 5.3 gr loads. The 5.3gr loads gave the best groups of the day. We'll load up some more of these for sure.
The moly coated slugs came from:
Had to give JHPs a try. We used the Speer 110gr JHP (short barrel version). The load with 6.3gr of Power pistol gave a smaller group than the 6.8gr load but either would be more that OK for SD. I think a charge in between may be a good compromise. We'll try that next time.
So far I have to say that the pistol did well with a wide spread of bullet weights - 110 to 158gr. That's good, it's not a 'fussy' gun that only shoots only one weight or bullet design well.
The only load that did disappoint me was the standard 148gr HBWC target load. Had some Winchester match loads and some old relaods with 2.9gr of Bullseye. I speculate that the low velocity from the short barrel did not fully stabilize the slugs. In addition, the hollow base may not have expanded all the way into the rifiling. Next time I'm gonna try 3.1gr of Bullseye and some different HBWC brands that we have on hand.
We're looking forward to another session with the LCR and we'll brew up some new loads to try.

dave - and we have to work on the LCP too

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