Ruger K77/22VHZ

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Sep 15, 2009
Victoria, Australia
just a quick report to let ruger fans know that i finally got to shoot my new hornet yesterday. i used winchester factory ammunition (45 grain soft point). we were forced to shoot at 65 yards due to a nasty northerly wind.
i did not follow any "running in" regime (i didn't in 1974 with a brno hornet either) after 12 shots (off a bipod) to zero and confirm the settings.
we fired another 15 shots at photocopies of aussie coins on a4 paper. the best group shot was 3 x shots touching in 3/8 of an inch by my mates 22 yr old son. the rest of us managed to keep them in the 1 inch or better.
i am very happy with the ruger and look forward to hunting foxes and other feral pests in the near future :D