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Mar 24, 2002
Oregon City, Oregon
I am not posting this to accuse or point fingers. Just a heads up there's a snafu in the online donation system, and I hope others aren't double charged like I have been.

I donated (annual) once. The online donation system did not confirm the donation was made, and I did not receive a supporting member banner. I checked with the Administrator here. I was told I must've done something incorrectly and no contribution was made.

I attempted donating (annual) again. Still no confirmation and still no supporting member banner. Checking with the admin again, one annual donation was found, but for whatever reason the supporting membership was not automatically credited to me. Admin manually added the supporting member banner.

Now, a month later, the second annual donation has appeared on my credit card bill.

I know at least a few other folks have encountered problems in attempting to make a donation. Don't go into click-attack mode and attempt multiple times. Wait a month (or longer) and see if you've been charged. If you continue to see irregularities, contact the administrator.

Another forum I visit uses the same XenForo platform, and they also struggle, processing donations. They have created the option of sending a check to a physical address.


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Nov 17, 2009
Webster, MD.
I agree about the mailing address. I wrote this way back on 22 March: "I have no problem with becoming a supporting member but wonder if there was some mailing address that a check could be sent to rather than the Agriculture Community Network LLC, which I have never heard of and somehow doesn't say "guns" to me?"
Still no mailing address to send anything to. I am more than willing to help maintain the site but only if I am able to do it with a postal money order and not credit card or Pay Pal.


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Mar 14, 2022
Hi - was away for a few days. There were multiple payments made separate weeks a part mind you, and as of this morning, canceled the one, and refunded. Again, apologies for the delays, but this has been corrected.

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