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Oct 10, 2007
So, I bought a 50th Anniversary 357 recently..... took it to the range for some fun(I wanted a shooter) and noticed that after 2 cylinders of shooting I noticed that the cylinder latch was indexing incorrectly and creating a very visible drag line..(not happy).
I know that it has been said that this is "normal", but it wasn't in my book.

I called Ruger, described my conceived problem and without question, they sent a UPS mailer, fixed the problem, refinished/replaced the scarred cylinder plus a few other tweaks and had it back to me in 5 weeks. (a bit long maybe but worth the wait) No more drag line or scarring.

I just wanted to recognize Ruger for taking charge and making a customer VERY happy with the results. I love this Blackhawk and I'm sure it'll be riding with me for a long time.