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Feb 15, 2009
SW Ohio
I seen a post on another forum about Ruger excahnging one inch rings for 30MM rings. I have a Ruger SB Hunnter Bisley and I put a 30MM Ultra REd Dot on it. Since it came with one inch rings I used a set of 30MM rings which I think are Burris. The two mounting screws tighten onto the barrel from both sides of the rings. I don't like them as they won't repeat the setting if you take them off and put back on.
Anyway I called Ruger Customer Service today and yes they will exchange the rings out at no charge as long as they are new and have not been mounted. The nice lady took my name and address and gun serial number and shipped the 30MM rings out today. I have to ship my rings back when I recieve the new ones.
What great service. Pass it on.

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