Ruger 77/22 Varmint 22LR

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Nov 1, 2015
I have a Ruger 77/22 Varmint, stainless 24" bbl, laminate stock that I've owned approx. 20 yrs. I changed the trigger to a Rifle Basix which is nice and light. It's topped with a Leupold VXIII 6.5x20 30mm scope with target dot. I've just recently started shooting in a metallic match and it shoots very well. At 50M with Federal Gold Target 711B it shoots 3/8" 10 shot groups. My "0" is 100M and I switch to Federal 510 for a little more speed. Shoots 1 1/4" groups @ 100M. At 200M shoots consistent 4" groups. I had to shim the scope .015 to go out to 200M and I can probably reach 300yds. with the shim. For the money, I am extremely happy with this rifle.