Ruger 6.5 Creedmoor

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Dec 25, 2007
I stopped in at a sort of local gun shop yesterday to see if he actually had anything on hand. There were 3 models of American in 6.5C one of which had an AK 47 type magazine catch. What sort of magazine would that one use? It was noon(ish) and the only person in the store didn't know much(anything) about the various features. Pretty sure one was a "Rancher", one was a "Predator", and another was just a standard American.
He's still got the Grendel he had when I was in the store 6 months ago. How do I know it's the same one? It had the same ding/scrape/mark on the stock in the same spot as last time I handled it. Of course, it could be just the rack display gun and he's selling NIB guns but if not, that's not a very popular choice. Oddly, I was attracted to it (but not at full MSRP) since it has the threaded muzzle and AR type magwell.