Ruger 5.7 VS S&W 5.7 well

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Jul 29, 2006
Greendale, WI USA
I got to shoot both at the range today. Put 50 rounds through each, man did that go fast the magazines hold to many LOL

Ruger what are you doing? I wanted to love the Ruger 5.7. From a full mag the first couple of rounds gave me feeding issues, I short loaded the next 2 mags and got a weird LIVE round stove pipe on the last round. Dirty mag? Weak spring? I really don't know.
Grip to me feels a bit small and I had a hard time getting my trigger finger in the right position and was pushing the bullets to the right had to make a effort to place it correctly.

The S&W was flawless, and somehow feels better in my hand, but there are a lot of moving parts in the S&W, and I can't say anything bad about it.
Trigger finger fell in the right spot, and I was just able to shoot it better.

Both had about the same amount of gunk in the actions, guy at the counter said he forgot to tell me not to fill the Ruger mags.

Shooting the Federal American Eagle 5.7x28mm FN 40 Grain FMJ @ $30 a box of 50

At this time leaning towards the S&W


Sparks, NV
Mar 2, 2022
My son bought his FN 5.7 for $800 NIB. I used to buy him ammo from the only place in town that carried it then. Now available in many more places.