Ruger .44 magnums

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Jan 26, 2008
north carolina
Oops forgot a .45/.45acp


Dec 25, 2007
Central Oklahoma
I hadn't fired it in quite awhile so I sold my 5.5" stainless Redhawk a few years ago but then last spring (2022) I started really missing having a .44 mag and a minty very low mileage gun became available locally from a private seller in the configuration I wanted and I bought it.....1989 mfg. 7.5".

Since the below pics were taken I've put a set of Pachmayr Presentation grips on it and worked up a load that it likes and have put a few hundred rounds through it and really enjoy shooting it




Plinker and accumulator
Aug 25, 2023
Fairfax Co. Virginia
I have Bisley Blackhawks in 357 and 45 Colt. I want one in 44 Mag but have not been able to find one.
So I bought all the parts (grip frame, hammer and trigger) to convert one of my regular Super Blackhawks into one. I'm still working on filing away at the sides and 'ears' of the grip frame (it came semi-finished) to mate with the cylinder frame.
It will be finished someday soon.


Jun 19, 2006
Midwest Illinois
I've had a Super Blackhawk Bisley, a Super Blackhawk Hunter, a 7.5" Redhawk, a 5" Redhawk, and a 4" custom Redhawk, but all gone away. Also sold a 9.5" and 7.5" Super Redhawk. Also had a few Smith 44's.

I have a custom 5" Super Redhawk, a TC Contender 14" factory ported, and a CVA Scout 44 Rifle now. No plans on getting rid of these.


May 5, 2011
Upstate NY
I have a scoped Super Blackhawk Hunter, a Super Blackhawk 4 5/8" that I added a Hunter grip frame, and the most recent is a Redhawk Backpacker.
All three in .44 Magnum. I like all of them!
I dislike the standard Blackhawk/Super Blackhawk shorter barrel length grip frames, they are too small for my hand. (XR3 Red maybe?)
The standard (long, square back trigger guard) 7.5" barrel Dragoon grip frame bashes my finger.
The Hunter grip frame with the round trigger guard fits me nicely. (large hands, size 2XL gloves)
I added Hogue black Micarta grips on the scoped Hunter, they are much more comfortable when it's freezing outside compared to the OEM laminate.
The leather pictured below is Milt Sparks.
You can carry that Backpacker all day with a good reinforced gun belt and hardly know it's on your hip.

IMG_20220825_130341977_HDR by cee_Kamp 32ACP, on Flickr

IMG_20220825_130605243_HDR by cee_Kamp 32ACP, on Flickr


Dec 17, 2000
My first 44 Magnum was Redhawk, 7.5", stainless.

Then I had 357 Magnum Bisley. I liked the grip, but not so large revolver for 357 Magnum, so I sold it.

Next was 41 Magnum Bisley. I foolishly sold it expecting to get stainless one, and on the end having none. The best caliber, in the best revolver for somebody who likes to shoot a lot. For casual shooting, 210-220 grains at 1100-1200 fps, all day long, no hand tingling. For serous business, 265 grains LBT at 1100 fps, see "Revolver for handgun hunting, another view" . I liked 41 Magnum Bisley so much, that for the time I had it, Redhawk was on the range just once.

And, I've got my first Bisley in 44 Magnum. Actually, while in Canada at that time, nobody imported stainless Bisley, so I waited for a right moment. It came when somebody was selling 45 Colt Vaquero, Bisley, stainless. I snapped it, and purchased brand new SBH 5.5" stainless. Sent both revolvers to a smith, and on the end, I've got 44 magnum Bisley, stainless, but with fluted cylinder, I prefer it over roll engraved:


The latest addition was #5 base pin (no set screw) and a new base pin latch from Belt Mountain.

Didn't plan another 44 Magnum, when suddenly, out of a blue, came blue Bisley with 7.5" barrel, for the price I just couldn't pass up.

Having two 44 Magnums with 7.5" barrel, and considering weight of Redhawk, I decided to sell it. Surprisingly, the buyer is a lady. She is serious shooter, shooting Manurhin M73, 38 Special (not 357 Magnum), SAO. Wish her more fun with Redhawk than I had.


Jun 14, 2009
My 44 mag story. When I was 15 I wanted to kill my first deer with a handgun. I saved and scrimped all summer and was going to buy a Super Blackhawk, really wanted a Redhawk but the $75-100 difference in the early 80s was big money, can't even fill my truck up now with that,Thanks Biden. ,. When it came time to order the gun my mother came up with the difference. I worked at a local gunshop owned by guy who became my father figure. He ordered the newest model that was milled for the scope rings. I don't think I was charged for the upgrade. a month before hunting season I had my most prized possession. A brand new Redhawk 7.5" stainless. Opening week of hunting season came and I had that gun in a Ranger camo holster worn cross draw. no deer opening week but a few weeks later either sex season came in and I killed a big doe with that gun. I still have that gun to day.....along with several other Redhawks. The other guys in the club not to be out done by a snot nosed kid all had them a Redhawk the next year. The one guy that ran the club had a 7.5 non scope model in 44 mag. Sadly he passed away 2 years ago and I ended up buying his gun out of the estate.
Ruger 44's will always have special place in my heart. When I pull it out of the safe it brings back many memories of hunting trips, camps and friends no longer with us,