Ruger 44 Carbine Custom, or cusomized?

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Dec 4, 2004
Seabrook, TX
I'm going through my Ruger collection and clearing some items out. I purchased this 44 carbine years ago and just put it in the display case. I took it out to sell, noticed the stock had been cracked and repaired. I was going to replace it with another stock I had and found these modifications to the rifle and stock. 1. No hole/access for recoil block bolt, recoil block is anchored with wood screw, additional dovetail with threaded block that the forward rifle sling screw attaches to on the underneath part of barrel, which is located past the end of a traditional stock. Model 102 series. Looks like the rifle has been refinished to a satin type finish. LOL. What is it?


Mar 14, 2005
Milwaukee Wisconsin
As said a shooter. The threaded block dovetailed into the barrel is original. But don't think the barrel is original, or the block was original part added to the barrel. I lean towadrs that as the block appears factory finish.Models without a barrel band used a foreend stock screw. If my memory ain't too fuzzy 102 series would be after those models were discontinued.The recoil block should of been held in from the rear with a long bolt under the butt plate.

So you got something was cobbled together. They had some good ideas but execution was a bit lacking. It will need some work to make it right. I would just move it along for a few hundred bucks. I don't remember the last 44 carbine I saw factory original even when beat to hell that ain't bringing at least 500 bucks. Trigger group alone people will fight over.

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