Ruger #1V in 22PPC - value?

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Jan 1, 2008
So what's it worth? 1V in 22 PPC gun is stock and like new, no box???


Not sure I want to keep it. Shoots real good, like the cal, got lots of brass, just not too interesting to me


Jun 29, 2006
There is one on GB at $1500 with a 24X Leupold BR scope. If that is a $500 scope then the "rifle" isn't selling at the $1000 price point.

I personally think that $1000 is a fair price for one and I actually paid $1200 for mine and have not been disapointed in the purchase.

The problem regarding pricing right now is while there weren't a lot made the demand has never seemed to be really high. It is a great target/varmint rifle BUT if I was only going to own one centerfire .224 caliber #1 it probably wouldn't be a 22PPC.

Thankfully I don't have to choose so I have them in 22PPC, 22BR, 222, 223. 22=250, 220 Swift, 22-250 AI .........

Rifle alone, I would think $1000 is fair, but like everything it takes a willing seller and a willing buyer.

Part of the "demand" thing seems to be that those of us that had our hearts set on a 22PPC #1 bought then some time ago and even I can't rationalize two of them.

I would think that it would sell quickly at $850 and eventually at $1200 based soley on how bad you want to sell it and if you NEED to sell. Above the $1200 price point would be very very hard to get in the current market.

These are only my opinion and best guess.