Roosters. (Not Cogburn)

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Sep 18, 2002
Lake Lure NC USA
I had to chuckle at the story of Dickey & the one eyed rooster. I used to have a one eyed game cock that was a gentle soul in my hands. But other roosters,, that one eyed bird was king.
I could tell all kinds of stories about roosters, as I raised chickens off & on for years. And I also live in the country where having chickens is normal.
Nov 30, 2022
Anyone who brings a rooster into a suburb need the Clockwork Orange treatment. Subjecting unwilling neighbors to that should be locked in a cage with 20 spurred roosters for a week. At least I'm rural. They're a few hundred yards away. My neighbors know not to complain about the occasional gunfire from my house. We also get free eggs every now and then.


Dec 4, 2021
We had hogs, chickens, (and way too many roosters) and peacocks on a place I was caretaking. You want something to stand you right up, have some peacocks screaming outside your bedroom window early in the morning.

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Jun 7, 2010
WE had a HUGE Rhode Island Red that would spur you anytime you weren't looking. He chased little brother and opened up his leg one day. Mom didnt want him killed, so I took a strip of latigo leather off an old saddle. I put 2 slits in the leather and caught that rooster. I then pushed his legs and spurs into the slits, in a nutshell, I made a set of hobbles for him. He would walk but not could spur or run at you. The leather strap stayed for months until it rotted off. Ol' Red kept walking with short steps for a year afterward. Good times back then.
Wife has geese, ducks, chickens and guineas at the farm now. Love guineas because they are death on insect and snakes. Geese are loud and obnoxious, and the hens provide breakfast... When we were infested with locust years ago, the birds were released and they decimated the little critters in no time flat.
Jan 10, 2005
Alexandria, LA USA
When I was about 5 & living in Waco, TX. Dad put up some hutches in the back yard, and stocked them with baby guinea hens. Sis and I were charged with caring for them, feeding, cleaning out the cages, letting them out in the yard every day. They were one of my first encounters with domesticated animals. Then one day Dad said to get the ole girls out of the pens, and he proceeded to chop off their heads. My sis and I were horrified watching those headless birds running around in the yard until they ran out of juice. We didn't eat dinner that night but Mom and Dad had a good fried chicken dinner.
Apr 2, 2014
I may have posted this rooster story before ??..
My sister years back started raising chickens and ended up with a large very nasty rooster. We were under orders not to kill him.
He'd attack most anybody in the barn other than her, you could punt him, beat him with a driving crop, smack him with a stall muck
fork...nope still coming. Tried getting a hold of him when suitably dressed and carrying him around upside down by his feet and spinning
him a few times, nope, toss him down and 5 minutes later he'd be back.
He got to the point he'd come out of HIS barn and go after you sometimes. Was outside washing some equipment with our power washer,
it's a 4000 psi at a bit over 4 gallons a minute running 10-15 degree tip. He came after me so I'd blow him away with the power washer.
I think I rolled him and knocked him down close to ten times before he finally gave up. He'd get on his feet and turn his back to it
and just stand there, and as soon as I'd pull it off him be right on the attack. I think he finally just got tired and walked off.

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