Road Trip--Southern Gulf Coast and the FL Everglades

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Nov 17, 2009
Webster, MD.
You talking about the gators reminded me of one encounter. I, way back in the late 50s, worked at Broward Marine in Fort Lauderdale. One morning I was doing some special work on a clients yacht. Startled a gator that was on the shore. He came up on the pier and I took off. They are FAST. I made it up on the yacht. He was getting very close very quickly. On flat ground a man WILL lose the race.


Jan 9, 2014
It's odd that I didn't even think about the pythons. Along those lines, though:

For hours I was slaying fish in one location. I could see down the road a ways and there were 2 adults and 2 boys about 12. Just before dark I drove down to them. I mentioned to the woman, who I came to first, that the fish were really wearing it out! She was fishing with live bait and said: Every cast!

She was raised here but now lives in Nome, AK where it was -37* when she left to spend time with her brother and 2 nephews here in FL. She told me stories about going out in these swamps at night with her father. I mentioned that it probably hasn't changed that much over about 40-50 years. She said: Oh, yes, it has. There used to be all sorts of critters like raccoons until the pythons took over.

As we talked there was a Great Horned Owl about 25 yds. away in a tree. We could hear another calling back in the swamp. Really cool!

There are these huge birds everywhere you look. It's so quiet in there and suddenly you hear this huge splash, sometimes just 20' away in the brush. It's 1) A gator getting a meal, and they get a lot of them! 2) Smaller gators encroaching on a big gator's territory. What a serious pecking order they have down here. It's absolutely amazing how fast a gator can react and move. I'm just glad I wasn't on the menu. So you hear all of these massive splashes and I'm looking around to see what it was, but usually you can't see anything. Then I'd start thinking that it's been awhile since I looked behind me :shock:

Neither here nor there:

I'm heading east on Alligator Alley/41 and it's nothing but swamp. There's a sign that says 1,600 acres for sale. What are you going to do with it, raise water? LOL Right then one of those goofy Smart fortwo cars passes me going in the other direction. I thought if it wrecked in this swamp a gator would just eat the entire car.

When I started getting onto these one lane dirt roads you're away from it all pretty quickly. I'd been driving for 30 minutes and here comes the obligatory guy on his bicycle :mrgreen:

I try not to eat fast food and I have a really nice cooler with me. One AM I leave the hotel and wanted to get in a Burger King line. I'm just looking on my phone and it said to turn here. I'm waiting in this line and notice the BK is next door and I'm in a Starbucks line and can't get out of it. The guy asks me what I want and I told him nothing, that I'm in the wrong line and at least people will think I'm important or something. He laughed :)

If it weren't for the Oscars I would have looked more for the Peacock bass. You can only catch so many 8-9" fish before you get bored. When an Oscar hits the excitement is on including the fight and keeping them away from the gators.

I'm sure the Oscars are good to eat, though there is some concern here, and everywhere, about mercury content. I have no desire to keep any fish.

I saw a car on the way home with a vanity tag that said: Gas LOL. It was a Tesla :)

I'll go back to fish the everglades. I'll try some new places and also try to catch some Peacock bass. I will have a phone app, or even a Garmin, that can mark waypoints of good fishing locations so I can find them again. The everglades cover 7,800 square miles and a lot of it looks the same. Finding where I was 2 days ago is easier said than done.
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