Revision MILITARY shooting glasses with Rx carrier SOLD

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Apr 28, 2009
central KY
Offered here is Revision's Sawfly Military grade shooting/safety glasses. Three lens sets: solar; yellow and clear. They are reported to stop shotgun blast at 16 feet. There is a carrier to use with your individual prescription; it transferrers from lens to lens.
These are viewable on Optics Planet where they sell for $150.00 without the Rx adapter. The ones they feature are tan frames, these are black. They show a drop strap, but mine did not come with one (it is drilled)
I bought these new a couple of years ago, but they have been worn only a few times. I shoot so seldom these days, and its usually off my back deck, that I simply wear my daily glasses. They do have my Rx lens in the carriers, but they slip right out and would be ready for your prescription.
$57.00 shipped to your U.S. address. PM or e-Mail for payment details. Thanks Jim