Replacement Stock for Ruger No.1H

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Hey Guys,

I am a long-time lurker here on the board, but this is my first post.

I recently picked up a well-used Ruger No.1 Tropical (1H) in .458WM for a steal ($500). While the bluing is in fairly good shape and the rifle is in mechanically excellent condition, the original factory stock has seen some use/abuse by its previous owner(s) including a crack in the buttstock just aft of the rear tang safety and multiple deep scratches/gouges (same general condition on the fore-end).

I am looking for a source for either a factory replacement stock set or a quality aftermarket replacement set. Any suggestions on where to find one? I have done some searching around and I am not coming up with many options except for semi-finished custom jobs that are $300+ and would require professional fitting/finishing.

Thanks for your time and responses and for the use of the forum!!


Jun 29, 2006
Owyhee County, ID, USA
You could send it back to the factory and have the wood replace. It will cost you more than the $300 you spoke of. A forearm, is $124 fitted to the rifle and the buttstock fitted by the factory runss $250+

Ruger will not sell outsuide the factory and wood is one of the things they insist must be factory fitted.

The stock refinisher I use just charged me $375 to completely re-finish a #1 stock including re-cutting the checkering and applying a hand rubbed oil finsh.

There really aren't any quick easy and cheap options.

Your best best is to watch the auction sights but be advised that most decent looking butt stocks run right up towards the $250 price point predicated on condition, color, finsih and age/checkering pattern.

There are several guys offering beutiful simi inletted #1 wood but again that can get real spendy real fast.

Bell and Carlson made a glass set at one point but they are butt ugly, hard to install according to my smith and cost above the price point you mentioned, if you can find one.

Sadly many of the big bores have cracked stocks i the tang area. It can however be repaired.

Good Luck