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David LaPell

Sep 14, 2008
Sometimes we see things, neat and cool but they need a little help. I have a thing for old cars and trucks, trucks mostly and like old guns they are an addiction, I've had this one since I was little and I used to get a Matchbox or a Hot Wheels car with my allowance every week or so when I was a kid. I sure wish I had all those cars now.
Well recently I came across an old Tootsietoy truck, and these were older than anything I remember playing with. It appears to be an International bubblenose truck and it's a pretty neat little truck on its own right, I am looking for a trailer to go with it. But it was just, blah. It was white and that was about it. The value on these isn't very high even mint. So I decided to give it a makeover.
I smoothed out the white paint, primed it and masked off the wheels and gave it a dark red topcoat. The bumper and grille are covered in Bare Metal Foil which has its own adhesive and then you buff it out with a q-tip. The headlights, I took a spent .22 shells and tapped out two circular pieces one for each size. Turns out it was the perfect size. I painted the tanks in black with aluminum for the straps and did the fifth wheel. I took and used watered down white paint for the spot on the front where it says Tootsietoy which gave it a look of white letter tires. Then I clear coated the whole thing.
I have a Chevy Cameo pick up waiting at the Post Office for me to start working on, about the same size.



Feb 22, 2007
Nice job Mr LaPell. Now you are going to make me look at some of the 'old' stuff I have around the house. Off hand I see a little fire hydrant and a cast bulldog bank that needs painting. :D


Feb 19, 2007
Hi I seem to recall that truck came with a flatbed trailer with side boards I think red trailer with grey side boards how tall are the tires and how tall is the cab I have a weak spot for those little trucks I have a small fleet here :lol: :lol: :lol: I will keep my eye out for a trailer for you



Jan 4, 2009
That's neat, I remember a lot of those old toys when I was a little tyke, nice job. Some of those old toys can command a hefty price for collectors. :)

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