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Nov 20, 2009
Ok, I have been researching adding a 4" RH 45 to my little stable. I originally thought about a 44 but they are harder to find new (at least for me). Anyway, I thought the 45 might be fine since I can reload but then I read this post ... wk&start=0
the post made me wonder.... are there many problems with the 4" or is this a pretty rare problem?

I want to get back into handgun hunting and prefer short barrels... I just got a 44 Special and now would like to add a Redhawk... I had a 44 RH in 5.5" years ago... wish i still had that one!

Anyway.. what do you think about the 45 4"? Is there much I would need to do or have done to one to have a great shooter? Do you send the cylinder to someone to have it reamed?

Thanks guys!
Dec 19, 2001
Alaska, Idaho USA
I've had no problems with mine. And I wouldn't worry about it unless you have a problem with one. Just because some guns have an issue doesn't mean they all do and MOST dont' have enough of an issue that the shooter can even tell. Buy one, shoot it and then decide if it needs work. I'd say you are lucky to find one.

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