Received my Ruger Factory Folder Today

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Sep 14, 2006
Leaving California .....
Figured I'd start a new thread on it rather than adding to the existing one. I can't post photos, but if someone else can am happy to e-mail.

I have three Mini 14s. A 1976 made 180 series, a Mini 30 and a 197 series Ranch Rifle. I bought the series 180 specifically for the folder and intend to use it "iron sights" only. The Samson website states the folder fits "all Mini 14s and Mini 30s". The other two Minis carry small scopes. A folder ought not have a scope on it IMHO.

The good news - fits the Mini 30 best. Pretty much a tight drop in. Magazines, which I thought might be an issue, slip in nice & easy.

The Ranch Rifle, which has a .625 gas block set-up, Accuracy Systems barrel and some other work to it, takes a bit of a palm rap to seat the action. Nice & tight, great fit. Trigger guard, as with the Mini 30, snaps right into place. Magazine seats fine.

That's the end of the good news, for me anyway .... :(

The 1976 made Mini 14 I bought, which carries factory wood forend and a .562 gas block, doesn't come close to fitting. The metal capped nose of the forend cannot be inserted into the lower gasblock (male to female) and you can't begin to close the barreled upper into the stock. Reason - the lower part of the gas block is too short. Causes the lower sides of the forend to cam into the top of the stock.

Did some measuring and the Mini 14 gasblock is about 1.30" top to bottom. The series 197 and Mini 30 lower gasblock depth is about 1.55". That's what's causing the insert and seating problem.

So, what's the fix?

Can I buy a Series 197 lower gasblock with .562 barrel diameter and have it fit? Isn't that going to cause oprod problems, as in not lining up and seating properly over the gas piston?

Accuracy Systems has Ruger factory gas blocks. Problem - they're for series 181 to 197. Won't fit the 180 series, correct?

There's alot of wood available on the top edge of the stock. The difference between the gas block depth (1.30" vs 1.55") is about .25" - shave it down and the forend cap should fit, barreled receiver cam into place?

I can buy a 181 to 197 series Mini. I presume I can buy the new 581 series and that would fit. Not that I don't want another Mini, but in CA getting a 581 with a threaded barrel is a PITA, and finding a 197 with a threaded barrel - bit of a challenge. Plus, I worked a bit to shorten and crown, thread the barrel of this Mini for a GB cage, and I don't exactly want to have wasted that effort.

As a side note. The wood on the folder stock really doesn't come close to Ruger factory. A bit light for my taste and definitely doesn't have that touch of orange of the Ruger original. So keeping the original wood forend is a definite no go. Will have to find a snap on black plastic type.

Why the hell does everything have to be an "almost fit" PITA .... :twisted:

Any suggestions?