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Oct 26, 2014
My tastes run to Ruger revolvers. I have 2 NMBHs an LCR and a 3" LCRX. But lately I have been thnking about a semi and have considered the following as possible choices:

Wlther CCP M2
Beretta PX4
Beretta APX Centurion

I am wondering how the RAPC would stack up against the ones I have listed. I am particularly interested in hearing the good, the bad, and the ugly about the RAP from RAP owners. Thanks for your thoughts and Merry Christmas!
Mar 24, 2002
My boy and I both have American Compact Pistols. I can't be any help comparing them to the other choices you mentioned, but I can share my experience. With only one exception, these pistols shoot and operate very well.

The exception? Early on, neither of our pistols would reliably feed with Remington Golden Saber, brass-jacketed hollow points, while functioning perfectly with all other ammo. Later, they no longer had a problem even with the Golden Saber. Can't imagine what changed, other than a loosening up of the pistol, allowing it to be more tolerant of these loads. :mrgreen:

Mike J

Aug 5, 2007
I don't have the compact but there is a Ruger American Pistol here. I bought it for my wife. In all honesty it really hasn't been shot a lot as it is hers, not mine, & she doesn't shoot much. We haven't had any problem from it. It works. She likes the interchangeable back straps that allow her to have a small grip.


Apr 25, 2017
I have a RAPC and it's been a good pistol. It has been delegated to the under the desk gun. Yeah I work from home. I have had no issues with it. The only thing I wish is that the standard mag be 15 rounds and not 12. Soon after getting it Ruger recalled it and replaced the barrel. Again no issues with it. I primarily run a full size 17 round mag with he adapter on it.

My wife had a Walther CCP. It was a POS. It only liked hot ammo. We sent it back for repair, I came back the same. It was traded in. I would avoid the CCP.'

I also have a Berretta APX full size. The APX series is under rated. They are good pistols. Mine runs excellent.

I have handled the PX4. IT's a chunky pistol. Never had any interest in one.

There are a lot of good compact choices out there. I would also take a look at CZ. I have a P09 that's a tack driver. A P07 is in my future. They have the P10 series if you want striker fired.

Lots of good choices for sure.