Range day #2

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Sep 21, 2009
Well i went to the range today to fire my 22/45 for the second time. The first time i didnt do much with the sights i just shot it to start the break in process. I took a variety of rounds with me to include Remington Target, Winchester Super X, and Remington Bulk Pack. I hae some CCI but did not take it. I noticed that the more i shot the gun still functioned flawlessly.

Got the sights dialed in at 25 yds and was hitting 10 ring shots consistently with the Winchester Super X and the Remington bulk pack. the Remington Target load did not shoot as well as i had expected, but thats ok i know that it will hit at 25.

Just to see the effectiveness of the little workhorse I shot at a steel plate at 50 Yds and hit it 3 times in a row. That is impressive as far as i am concerned. Gotta love the affordability of tghe ammo. Had a little trouble getting it back together after cleaning, but it was remedied and it is now ready to go again. Thanks for listening!