Question on Vaquero's in 40 S&W

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Nov 30, 2010
North Central, Indiana
LGS store has a pair of consecutively numbered KBNV-404SW. These are overrun of the San Diego Sheriff Department series. There is a letter, doesn't appear to be from Ruger, that states the following:

Most had the safety warnings on the left side of the barrel like normal Vaqueros and the original SDSA guns. However, Ruger ran out of the .40 S&W barrels before the frames and cylinders and later produced extra barrels to finish the remaining few guns, some of these were released through select distributors as late as 2009. These are referred to as "cleanup" models, something all manufactures do as the production run of a model is winding down. On these approximately 25-30 cleanup models the warnings normally stamped into the left side of the barrel were moved to the underside of the newer barrels leaving the side clean and completely smooth.

I read about the KBNV-404SW in Chet's reference, but did not see anything about these 25-30 cleanup guns.

Does anyone know if this actually correct?

If it is correct, what type of value would there be in them over and above the San Diego Sheriffs Models?

Anything for being a consecutive pair?

Thank you in advance

Terry T

Oct 17, 2006
Chet's last ed. was published before these 'clean up' guns were released.

Initially, we all thought that Ruger had some 'left over' original large size Vaquero frames and parts, when they abruptly switched to the New Vaquero, and cobbled together guns to use up the "left overs", hence the name 'clean up' guns.

In the years since, so many 'original' large frame Vaqueros have been released (over 2,000) that I've become convinced that Ruger has been casting new, large Vaquero frames along side of the smaller New Vaquero frames.

So, yes, your information on the 'clean up' guns is basically correct. Without checking back through my notes, I believe the number of 'clean up' 40 S&W may have been closer to 100 but I'm relying on memory here, not a good thing. :oops:

"Rare" does not always equal higher value. It is still a supply and demand sort of thing. Not a lot of Ruger Vaquero collectors at this time - hence not a huge demand for these 'rare' guns.

Having said that, I'd guess there is some premium above 'shooter' price for a consecutive pair and the desirable 40 S&W chambering. How much is a guess. Maybe only 10% - 20%? Of course, condition is everything when you're talking collector value.

Hope this helps,
Terry T