question about mag on new mark III

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Sep 9, 2009
hello, my first post on these forums.

the other day, i got my very first semi-auto pistol in the form of a Mark III 22/45 hunter model, with the 6 7/8'' barrel and the hi-vis sight.

i have not yet shot it, but am really looking forward to going to the range. In handling it, i have encountered a problem

My mags take a good solid push to seat properly, and then when I press the mag release button, the mag doesnt pop out or release in any way, it gets hung up on something and to get it out, i either have to pry at the bottom with something thin and hard like a key or scissors, or i have to stick my finger in through the top and push down on the top part of the mag to get it to pop out. Whatever its getting hung up on, once it gets over that little bump, it slides the rest of the way easily.

When the pistol is disassembled, i can put the mag into the frame and it seats and locks in no problem, and the mag release lets it pop out no problem. The problem only happens when the pistol is assembled, so its something in the barrel/receiver assembly that is catching it.

anyone have any suggestions as to what this might be? or is it just stiff being new?


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