Question about cutouts on Ruger S. Six forcing cones

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Jul 8, 2008
Charlottesville, VA
Just curious about this. My 4" 1982 Service Six has a perfectly symmetrical forcing cone, while my 3" 1988 has a flat cut out on the bottom (much like a S&W K-frame).

I was only able to find one other post anywhere about this, with the following pictures (my 1988 3" looks exactly the same). On the 1988 it does seem necessary for the cutout, in order for the gas ring on the cylinder to clear the bottom of the forcing cone. The 1982 does not have the gas ring on the cylinder, so it does not need any curout on the forcing cone.

But why the change from 1982 to 1988, and when exactly did Ruger make the change? Given S&W's experience with cutout forcing cones, I don't understand why Ruger would do the same?

I'm not bothered by it, as the gun shoots just fine, but just curious as I had never seen nor heard of this on a Ruger six series gun before. ... 1168734725 ... 1168734725