Question About 327 Blackhawk

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Green Frog

Dec 6, 2011
Well, the decision has been made. Last Thursday I took both my Stainless 327 and my Buckeye 32 combo to the range. They look so cute and play so well together that I am now in the "... from my cold, dead hands" mode. When I thought about how long it took to replace the Buckeye (that I wished I had never sold) I resolved that I would not risk going through the same kind of seller's remorse over the 8 shooter, and it definitely will stay with me. :D

I have borrowed one of the group buy Lee gang moulds for the Keith 32 bullet, and friend Dale53 loaded a batch of them from of his same mould (in 32 H&R brass) for testing. I think I'll have to cast up a bunch of these before I return the mould as well as casting some of my heavier bullets too. These two guns give me so many options. 8)

Life is good when you have some 32s to play with! :mrgreen:


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