Problem with Stainless Mini 30 and Tapco T6 Fusion stock

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I am hoping you guys can help me. I put a Tapco T6 Fusion stock on my stainless Mini 30. Followed the instructions including the support device fronm the original stock and used the new Tapco screws on the stock. My problem is that when I fired the gun the trigger guard unlocks and the trigger group drops slightly preventing the gun from firing until the trigger guard is locked back into the groove. I called Tapco, They made several suggestions. They have never heard of this problem and were very helpfull. I tried them all, took the gun out the other day and the same problem occurred. I couldn't get two shots off without the problem recurring. has anyone else had this problem? I am going to put the weapon back in the Choate stock until this gets resolved. The trigger group is locked in, I took all excess oil off the trigger area.