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Jan 26, 2009
Ragnarok Farm, Iowa
Hello folks,

My little brother's father in law needs prayers! Denny and his wife Marva went on vacation to an all inclusive resort in Cozumel Mexico a few weeks ago. Marva has only one arm due to an amputation from a car wreck a few years ago on another vacation, and so Denny and Marva asked my brother and his wife Kelli to come down at their expense to share their final week of vacation and help them pack and schlep their luggage through the airports on the way home.

My brother Eric and his wife Kelli flew down to Cozumel last Friday. When they arrived, Denny was very sick, and dehydrated.
He had been sick for a few days, but had not sought medical help up to that point. Kelli is a nurse, and realized Denny needed to go to the hospital immediately. It may have come too late. They believe he may have had a stroke, and has not been responding favorably to treatments. As of this morning, he has refused to eat, and says he wants them to let him die there in Mexico!

Of course, they are trying to coax him into living. My brother has been witnessing to him, but he refuses to accept salvation.
I can't imagine what this is doing to his Marva and Kelli, as well as Eric, so far from home and the comfort of friends and family.
They are trying to decide what to do. I don't know if they can force him to go home and get proper care or not, it's Mexico.

Please pray for them all.
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Jun 13, 2015
Sheridan, WY
Prayers up for all involved and that the situation resolve in the best possible way. It genuinely hurts my heart to hear about something like this, and I can't imagine the feeling of helplessness among the family.


Dec 2, 2021
Just offered up a prayer for Denny's physical healing, and more importantly, spiritual healing. That his ears and heart be open to receive salvation and restoration, and that all of you be strengthened by His presence.

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