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Aug 24, 2013
Wichita Ks
When I was a kid, one of my all time favorite plinking targets were Prince Albert Tobacco Cans also. The flat ones that fit in a upper pocket of a pair of a mans overhauls. That my Grandfather and all of his old shooting buddies saved for me to shoot when I could get to my Grandfather`s ranch come summer vacation. My main job in this deal was to fill them with pond water and sit them on the fence posts as targets on the back side of the close pond. Most of the time we just shot them with 22lrs. But quite often I got to shoot some really special and rare rifles, that those Old Men owned and took great pride in, and brought along for me to shoot. One of them, owned both a beautiful, for real Iron Framed Henry and a Spencer. Both his father used and brought back from the Civil War. Just thinking about Prince Albert Tobacco Cans, My Grandpaw and those Special Old Men, to me brings back some. Truly unbelievable memories from my childhood with them. That I need to revisit more often. I am very proud of these memories. I hope that maybe one day I might get to see and shoot with these very Special Men in life again.