Pleased I bought my 77/357 when they were being made

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Jan 29, 2009
Southern KY
On down days, which happen rarely for my wife and I since the evil loss of my mother in law and father in law (old sad post) in August I enjoy researching news of new guns (can't afford any) and guns I have accumulated (only a select few). I like reading others opinions, and watching video reviews of shooters using the same things I too own or have access to.
Yesterday I began looking around and searched on the Ruger 77/357. Up popped Hicok45 with a video, Gunblast with a video, and actually almost a dozen articles extolling the virtues of this little gun. It was nice to spend an hour or so getting to watch others shoot while I cannot due to the weather and family obligations.
I've owned this little carbine for maybe 4 years but it languished as a curiosity in a safe for 1 1/2 years before making it to the range on a maiden voyage. Yes, it was purely an impulse buy when found on counter top display at a local dealer, and I was told by the same dealer that "nobody around here wants them". The clerk could only make guesses as to why the local lack of love for this almost miniature ammo disassembler. I've always cherished revolvers, especially Ruger .357s, and on that afternoon I got caught up in a $625 spontaneous fantasy. "Yes" I thought, "as a rugged adventurer..." at least in my mind... and there came the visions of working my way through the hills with simple preparations, but great skills carrying a carbine and handgun that ate the same ammunition. It probably didn't hurt that I was also flush with cash from a couple dealer-arranged sales of some unneeded stuff either.
I wanted to scope this little fella before its first trip to the outdoor range I frequent, and being snug on funds, I borrowed a beautiful little Leupold Rifleman 2-7 from another rifle that balanced beautifully on the gun. A shame that it was blued, but that, I told myself, accented the black synthetic stock of my 77/357. I screwed on a knockoff of a Harris bi-pod, grabbed some assorted factory .38 Special and .357 ammo and went to the range to see what I wanted to see.
I was delighted and surprised that morning when in short order, I was shooting 3/4 inch 3 shot groups at 50 yards from a rest. Thinking it was a fluke, I used up the rest of the .357's making neat little cloverleaf groups to the point of boredom!
Since that fateful first range trip I have come to love this carbine and with the help of wonderful folks at the castboolits forum I have become a true lover of casting my own 125 and 140 grain slugs for this dandy.
On a whim I looked on one of the biggest online gun auction sites too yesterday, and found lots of 77/357 magazines for sale, but not one carbine. Those with 77/357s in their collection have, in my opinion, a fantastically versatile and useful bolt action carbine. I'm sure glad now that I succumbed to my whimsical fantasy that day long ago.
I'd enjoy reading here too about anyone with experience shooting this model rifle.
Thanks. Don.

Alan in GA

Apr 7, 2008
I had a 77/44 blue/walnut, and enjoyed the one range trip with it. BUT,...I too thought a 77/357 needed acquiring and playing with so when a friend got the 'sell this to buy that itis', I paid him $600 even for his slightly used stainless/synthetic 77/357 with box and all that came with it.
I've mounted a Leupold fixed 4X, and have yet to take it to a range. I DID test fire it into a stump at a nearby friend's house 'just to see' what the .357 recoil was like in this handy little carbine.
Also, another 'reason' I told self that helped tip self into purchasing,..all the 38 Spl and .357 ammo that has somehow found itself into my workshop storage drawers. Figured my young grandsons would be glad to 'empty' the bullets and powder out [shooting it] to help me get once fired brass!
I would LOVE to fit a 17" or so full diameter barrel on this rifle to make a base gun for coyote killing in my suburbs. That, or might see if I can thread the factory barrel for a suppressor.
Anyway, got one, have not bench targeted YET, but hope to soon. Love it!
OH, Brownells and MidwayUSA HAD factory Ruger walnut stocks until recently....shoulda got one when I could. I like stainless in walnut look.


Jun 19, 2006
Midwest Illinois
When I'm at work (now), I also search sites and you tube on guns I have or want. Unfortunately some sights are blocked on the work computer, but I manage to view quite a few. Makes boring nights go faster.

I've wanted a 77/44 for some time and when Ruger announced they were discontinuing them I got on Gun Broker and found one at a decent price so I bought it. Very handy little rifles. Mine is the Vista Camo/stainless model. I mounted a spare Bushnell Banner 4 power scope with the circle-X reticle on it. Accuracy with various 240 grain XTP's and soft points has been very good. I have a 45'70 that I plan to sell so taking the scope from it and putting on the 44 to use bear hunting. It is a Bushnell 4200 1.75-4x30mm tube with a German #4 illuminated reticle.

Enjoy your 357. I may have to get one of those as well someday, unless they add that chambering to the American models.


Apr 24, 2007
South Dakota
I bought one for my daughter to use on deer when she was 11. I cut the stock down an inch, reinstalled the butt plate (now I need a stock as she is 14), and topped it with a 2.5 - 8 Leupold that I got a deal on from a forum member for her. She used it with great success. Essentially no recoil and very accurate. A great little rifle.


Jan 8, 2005
Burkesville, KY
My friends and I ventured in an Easterly direction today and found SIA gun shop in Knoxville, TN. WOW, what a place! I saw one of the 77's on the used rack, thinking it might be a 44. No, it was a 357!! It is now mine. I got it for $700, not terrible. Black stock and stainless action/bbl.

I like this little gun alot. Can't wait to shoot it. I know where there is a 44 with camo stock - I may have to start 2017 off with a bang, so to speak.

BTW, this store is loaded with S&W revolvers of a collector grade, 1911's, etc. I could melt a credit card in this place. Just a couple of miles north of I-40.




Aug 26, 2010
Boonesborough, KY
Back in 1998 I bought my pre-safety Marlin 1894C for $250.00 in like new condition. The shop owner said nobody wanted it because it wasn't a .30-30 or .44! For awhile the 1894C was fetching a cool grand on Gunbroker, still over $600.00 these days.Looks like the same is happening with the 77-357.

K. Funk

Mar 12, 2003
I bought mine on a whim just before I found out it was discontinued. I think mine was one of the last out of the distributor as it showed out of stock shortly afterwards. I put a cheep but sturdy vintage Redfield scope on it and performs well at 50-75 yds. I haven't worked with it much at 100 yd. Very glad I got it.


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