Phantom Restaurant appears and disappears overnight!

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Oct 22, 2009
Eastern Washington
As I've discussed before, we have a Phantom Restaurant here in town.


For my 65th birthday this year, I challenged the local women's writing group (of which my wife is a member) to each write me a Gothic piece of literature in their favorite genre. I got a sci-fi story, an historical ghost story (both published on-line) and a poem. In turn, I gave them a hand-cooked, scratch home-made Mexican dinner. On of the girls posted a comment on the "new" Mexican Restaurant in town. Several people asked for the address and/or phone number to make reservations. Since then, I have made Asian and Italian meals. The rules are: 1) No set interval-usually one to two months between meals; 2) No advance notice of the menu=which I print; 3) No outside food except beverages.

At the previous dinner, one girl mentioned her birthday was in October and she wanted BBQ, so we decided on a Halloween Party on November 1st. (We had already discussed the movie topic and we had started watching Season One of Penny Dreadful). Technically, November 1st is part of the Irish celebration of Samhrain, the fall festival on which much of Halloween is based.

Oh, we called it the Donner Party Memorial Dinner (OH, BTW, they were the first to utter the immortal phrase:" Tastes just like chicken!"

So, here's some pictures:

Me, before I dressed for the party.

A few treats:

I call the preceding one: "Brain Salad Surgery"

and lastly,

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