PC Carbine stock choice questions

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Dec 23, 2006
I'm thinking about getting a PC carbine, but I'm mulling over the different stock choices for it.

I've picked up the 19122 model with the AR15 grip/stock and I really like the way that fits me and feels, but I don't like the overall weight of it.

I've picked up the 19100 model with the more traditional rifle stock and it feels way too short, but I think it comes with a spacer to increase it.

I've thought about getting a 19100 model and putting the whole thing in a magpul pc backpacker whenever they plan on releasing that, but I still wonder if I jut like the pistol grip so much more. I guess what I'm really after is a pistol grip that is lighter on the front so maybe without the rail. What other forearm options are there for this model? I know it doesn't have sights and would put a red dot on it anyway.

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