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Mar 17, 2022
a friend who was on team 3 and later Chief of Police of a small town in Maryland managed to meet Westmoreland at a convention. Westmoreland had very good things to say about. 173rd LRRP and noted that this did happen intentionally it the teams were not told of this other than it was close to border. Incursions were only a few km and would have been implemented at way above Brigade or even Coros level (173rd was OPCON to 1 ID on major operations). International incidents are not taken lightly.

These were jobs for SF but their teams were rather busy on deep penetration and we had neither the training nor logistical spot to do this

The closestI ever got was about 1 km inside border (I side Viet Nam) when teams were sent out to screen the DZ at Katum. Four teams were inserted first and second evenings. Three were engaged at insertion and run out. We got in, made meeting engagement and E&Eed (aka ran) for 5 km right through a series of base camps
“Nous sommes dans un pot de chambre, et nous y serons emmerdes!”
“ We are in the chamber pot and about to be yugo on!”
- General Ducrot at battle of Sedan 1807 as he realized his army had been surrounded

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