P95 First time at the range

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Dec 30, 2009
Well last weekend got time to go shoot alittle. And I am very happy so far I put about 75 rounds thru the gun and not a single hic-up. :) At 15 yards I can keep my shots pretty much into a 3" circle. The pistol shoots pretty much center but it seems to be shooting low. It seemed to be about 2" low at 15yards but it may have been me also. I'm going to try to go back tomorrow and try shooting from a rest to see if that helps. I'm going to try to find someplace else to shoot like at a buddy's farm though. When we were at the range there was a family down there shooting and their daughter who looked to be maybe 12 was shooting a Glock and ended up pointing the gun at me and my wife with her finger on the trigger. :evil: Not on purpose or anything but it did happen. We ducked and her dad grabbed her and took it away from her. But that just shows how fast you could be shot at a range. Just to many guns waving around there for me. We also found that my wife didn't like shooting the 9MM so we went out this week and got her a Bersa Thunder380 it seems to fit her alot better.


Jan 7, 2010
My neighbor had a similar situation with a clerk/salesperson at a local gun store. There was one clerk answering the phone, checking customers in for the range, and helping customers at the counter. My neighbor was waiting for her to get off the phone so he could ask her a question. Another customer comes in, hands a gun to the clerk, and tells her, "It's loaded and it's jammed." She begins looking at the gun while talking and points the gun directly at my neighbor. He steps to the side to get out of the line of fire, she then points the gun down slightly and it FIRES into the display case. The manager comes out and starts screaming at the customer telling him he should NEVER bring a loaded gun into the shop. While this is technically true, he claimed he had called the gunsmith, explained he had a jam he couldn't clear, and was told to bring the gun in.

In my opinion, there was 50/50 responsibility; the customer should never have handed a loaded gun to the clerk without first having her full attention. The clerk should have never taken a gun without being able to give it her full attention.

Bottom line is that it's not just the gun range that can be dangerous!


Mar 10, 2008
In my area of Florida, our local indoor range had two incidents within weeks of each other where people rented guns, went on the firing line and then committed suicide! You just never know!