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Jan 23, 2009
Northern Wisconsin
I was thinking of getting a KP944, but I want the KP944 that is built almost identical to the P95, with the camblock and not the 1911 style link on the barrel. I noticed that all the online gun sellers that have Kp944s show a picture of the gun and it says P94 on it. No, big deal. But If you look at the Slide stop and the slide near the slide stop it is not the same as on the P95. So, There are apparently two differnce guns that go by the same label of KP944. One has the old style barrel link and the other has the newer Camblock like in a p95. Is it hard to find a p944 with the camblock? In a store I'd have no trouble distinguishing the difference, but If I ordered from Bud's or Abels who knows what I'd get. I'm sure there are a lot of older style Kp944s floating around that dealers would rather part with first. Anyone else have any more info on this topic? If you go on the Ruger website and look at the Kp944 on the slide stop side you can see the differnce in the slide stop and there are two cutouts in bottom of slide instead of one as in the earlier Kp944 design. Maybe Bud's and Abel's just have old pictures on their website?

Like on GunBroker this guy is selling the new model, but everyone else(actually there are only 4 Kp944 listed on gunbroker) has the older style.

http://www.gunbroker.com/Auction/ViewIt ... =150780541

Here's the older style on GunBroker:

http://www.gunbroker.com/Auction/ViewIt ... =152138863

A little further reading of the GunBroker add showed that the Manufacture # of 3425 means that it's the new style. Apparenly It's older pictures, and not older guns that are confusing me. Duh. :?


Mar 23, 2000
I own two P94s with the old style swing link. It seems as if the camblock is a better design according to a former Ruger employee. I thought way more of the P94s out there have the camblock design and not the swing link. I think the safest way to make sure you get the camblock design is either inspect the gun in person but if you're buying and having sent to your FFL you can't do that. I wouldn't trust pics in ads cause they could use any stock photo. I'd find out from Ruger the serial number when the change was made and then get the serial number of the gun....I think most dealers would have no idea about the difference and that Ruger made the change


Aug 5, 2006
Wixed - Lakes Region of NH

There is a way to tell the difference between the two designs from the exterior of the P94.

There is a black rubber block at the end of the take-down lever by the P94 with the later camblock design. It also features a long thin takedown lever. The earlier swinging link design has no black rubber block and has a shorter wider takedown lever. To be sure, it never hurts to disassemble the pistol to check.

I wouldn't be concerned about he reliability of either, imo and I have both.

In your examples the top choice would be the newer camblock and the lower example would be the older swinging link. Notice the area around the takedown lever.

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