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Apr 9, 2016
The rear sight on my P345 would not come off. I soaked it with penetrate for a few days and this was no help at all. I started off with a small pistol kit hammer 3oz brass on one end hard plastic on the other. I bought some hardened plastic dowels on e-bay to strike the sight with the 3oz hammer first and it would not move at all. Yes I unscrewed the set screw. It was like it was bonded with two part epoxy or something. I got some advice from a fellow member on the forum and at that time I moved to a 8oz ballpeen and it still would not move. At one point I had leather wrapped around it in the vice hitting it pretty hard with the 8oz and it still would not budge. I stopped and called my fellow forum member and told him what I had tried.
We both decided I should call Ruger before something got damaged. I got ahold of someone in Tec-Service and had a good conversation with him. He had been with Ruger for 35 years and was well aware of all the P-Series guns. I told him what I was facing and what I had already tried to do. He told me he had seen a handful only of P-345's with this problem. At that time he asked me why I was taking the rear sight off. I told him I was replacing the rear sight with a aftermarket sight. I certainly was not taking the magazine safety out. ( RIGHT ) He was great and said even though the gun was almost twenty years old Ruger would still warranty this for me. He also paid for the freight. While I was on the phone with him I also asked him to check the firing pin for any damage from dry-fire. I just bought this gun from a really nice forum member. It was a beautiful brand new gun that maybe had twenty rounds thru it if that.
He asked me to write everything down that I wanted done and send it to Prescott Arizona for repairs it has been gone 8 days now. Not getting impatient at all.
Ruger has always had some of the best customer service that anyone could ask for.
To warranty a firearm that is almost twenty years old is unheard of. I take my hat off to them they are great. I just bought 3 new Rugers from fellow forum members in the last month. A P345 a P90DC and a P89X so I'am new New to the Ruger pistols. All are 10 out of a 10 and basically unfired guns.

I was lucky I did not damage the gun. But I knew when to stop ( ha-ha ). Grateful that Ruger will warranty all this for me and most of all thankful to own a Beautiful batch of Ruger P-Guns.
We all know the P guns were the best ever made.

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Mar 2, 2022
DEAN said: "We all know the P guns were the best ever made."

Well at least my KP345 sure seems to be. It is a tank! Just like a lot of people say so.
as for the sights, I had a set of MEPRO enlarged white dots installed on them as my tired olde eyes started diminishing. They helped immensely!

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