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Mar 24, 2002
Oregon City, Oregon
Today, Heliman and I took our little trip to meet up with Bear Paw Jack and mcknight77 in Pendleton Oregon. After an extended lunch, we sometimes go on a gun store crawl of the area, but today we changed it up a little bit. We all brought some show and tell items, and if we put them all together, it would have been a pretty impressive exhibit at a display show. 8)

Today, entirely by accident, between all of us, there was a bunch of Security/Speed/Service Sixes. This was a really impressive bunch of DA revolvers, and it reinforces what many of us have always known... Ruger's original DA revolvers were really great guns!

Yes, there were many other guns, but the Sixes kind've overshadowed the others today, if for no other reason than quantity.

Another gun for show and tell today was Bear Paw's wonderful Trapper 94 in .30-30. We've talked about it a little bit on this forum, but seeing it in person today was an eye opener. For whatever reason, this little rifle received some extra special treatment, and it looks to be factory original. The wood looked very much like a Miroku gun. Gorgeous. And in spite of the era of this Winchester which is known to reject bluing on the receiver, this one is a a very deep and lustrous bluing. Pretty wonderful.

So, as always we had a great visit. It's so great to sit and visit with such knowledgeable folks that love our hobby. The collective data base is phenomenal.

Thanks Dave, Jim and Marlin. This was a great day.

Bear Paw Jack

Dec 19, 2001
Alaska, Idaho USA
What a great time. The drive to Pendleton is beautiful, and the lunch was good, but the company was wonderful. Truly a knowledgeable bunch. A couple of days before I mentioned to everyone to bring some show and tells. Man, there were some amazing guns that were brought out. Wayno is right, it's obvious how much we all respect and appreciate the six series guns. Like he said, there were enough for a nice display. I saw some guns I'd never seen before only read about or heard about. I don't remember if we've ever taken pictures, but I thought on the way down, we need to get pictures this time. But the excitement of all those fine guns, and my mind just forgot my intentions. That is no surprise, I seem to forget a lot anymore. Thanks to Wayno and Dave, for meeting with Jim and I, at what was even better than any of us expected, I'm sure. Except for the little shake up when security drove by (we thought to check on us) and showed no interest in what we were doing. I'm sure he thought just a bunch of old farts. He was right!!!


Aug 12, 2003
Caldwell, ID
Yep, great trip. Beautiful almost fall weather in eastern Oregon. Good conversation all around. Not one word of politics, religion, or sex, just guns. Maybe I'm stretching it on the sex part, but for old geezers like us it was mostly complaints! Now, about the show and tell. We were parked next to each other in the back of the parking lot, two pickups with doors open and passing guns back and forth to look at. OOPS, is that security cruising the parking lot? Oh crap, get the guns back in the trucks and get the doors closed. Hello officer, hope you're having a nice day. Yep, we're just standing around talking about sex and beer. Yeah right, you guys have a nice day! OK, he's gone now, get the guns back out. It ended too soon, but we had to get back home to feed the cat.

*Some minor details may have been modified for dramatic effect.

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