OT Chucky D 18.5" Nickel scattergun review & musing

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Jan 30, 2009
CD AW Nickel 18.5" shooting review & CDNN return. Thought I'd share my experience. I realize this is heresy, but since Ruger don't make a home defense pump I figured what the eh, eh?

Synthetic stocks, 3"-12 gauge, 18.5" brl, holds 5-2 3/4" shells or 4-3" in the mag tube and it comes in Nickel weighing in at 6 lbs. Not the tactical w/door breaching choke tube, picatinny rail, and pistol grip stock or the other tactical including ghost ring sights. Although I wouldn't be surprised if the action and receiver are the same, yet I'm only speculating on that possibility. Just your plain jane riot in Nickel.

The one that I had to send back to CDNN was quite a mess. I allowed my gunsmith to inspect it before return. Obviously it had been lubed and had a lot of wear under the bolt, from sliding over the hammer, and from the slide release dragging as well. Sadly, the chrome lining was flaking off the brl section that fit into the receiver.

I left a note telling them, in no uncertain terms, not to send this back or any other returned/reworked offering. I paid for a new piece and expect the same.

Actually, since I was going to gift one and keep one I figured I'd have to order three to get two good ones and it appears that foregone conclusion was correct.

At 14 yds the 18.5" brl patterned nicely on a feed sack hanging on the fence. I cut the bottom off and then split the sides of the sacks. Triple ply makes for six "free" targets.

Two and three-quarter # 4 bird, # 4 buck, 00 buck and 3" 000 buck came up w/patterns from 9" of the latter, 12" for 00 to 16" for the bird and small buck.

Forty-two feet might be a stretch in most homes, but that was the distance between two fences and I figured about the limit in range for the short, cylinder choke brl.

The 3" threw out a good foot of fireball and was more noticeable on the receiving end. I'm sure w/000 I could manage 25 yards if needed. In fact the results of the triple ought had me wondering if quad buck was available in a 3" shell.

I had racked this gun a couple of hundred times previously while tearing it down and oiling the runners, rails, bolt & trigger assembly.

The gun functioned fine in going through a box of field loads. Good cheap fun. Three times I emptied a full mag of 5 shells and one in chamber as fast as possible w/o a hitch.

As previously stated the CD AW in matte Nickel was lacking polish, but what can you buy polished for 200 samolas these days?

The two that didn't go back were close enough and I knew they would slick-up w/use. I don't mind a little elbow grease in helping them along.

The one I sent back should never have left the factory in Istanbul.

I'm guessing middle of the week before the replacement arrives and I'll let you know, of it's condition, right after I know.

As long as you don't end up w/one that someone has tried to shade tree into functioning/returned/reworked you ought to be content. If you do CDNN was cordial and sent me packing slip for return.

Price was right, swings nice and patterns well for its intent.
I'd still like to know how much if any I could trim off the honeycomb polymer buttstock w/o compromising the structural integrity.

Don't get me wrong, It's no 870 Marine Magnum. In fact you can own three, of this All Weather model, "Turkish Terror" for the price of one Remy. That being said, I think it has its place as an economical alternative especially for those in humid or salty areas.

A little rough around the inside edges, yet two of three smoothed out nicely after a little oil and action racking. (Much like shampoo, rinse and repeat as needed.)

The third one had enough wear on the bolt to be considered used &/or reworked, but not by a Smith.

Its main problem appeared to be not enough tolerance causing the action to bind resulting in too much force needed to rack the slide. One is going to fall through the cracks on occasions so I'm confident that the replacement will be in acceptable condition.

I'm not a blk tact guy and like the semi-shiny matte Nickel & the price.