SOLD ONE Ruger Bisley Blackhawk in 45 colt--all sold

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Sacramento Johnson

Jun 1, 2005
Hi all!
Bought these awhile back on a bit of a whim. They belonged to a collector prior and I don't think they were shot much. I didn't shoot them much either, just some cowboy action loads one time. Both have clean bores. Find I like 41 mag better, so these are up for sale. Must go FFL to FFL, USPS MO only.

1. 1997 production date; blued, 7 1/2 inch barrel, will ship in a grey Ruger plastic box. (Has some grease on the cylinder notches; I do that to all when I clean them). $700 plus $60 shipping.--SPF

thumbnail_Bisley j 2.jpg
thumbnail_Bisley j 1.jpg
thumbnail_Bisley j 5.jpg
thumbnail_Bisley j 6.jpg
thumbnail_Bisley j 3.jpg
thumbnail_Bisley j 4.jpg

2. 1986 production date, 7 1/2 inch barrel, will ship in a soft gun muff case, I changed the grips to Ruger laminates as the originals had a crack in them.
Ejector rod housing and loading gate have a very nice purple hue to them! (Again has grease on the cylinder notches). $750 plus $60 shipping.----SPF!

thumbnail_bisley g 1.jpg
thumbnail_bisley g 2.jpg
thumbnail_bisley g 6.jpg
thumbnail_bisley g 5.jpg
thumbnail_bisley g 4.jpg
thumbnail_bisley g 3.jpg
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