One of 'those moments'

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Dec 25, 2007
We had Thanksgiving lunch with Son and his in-laws yesterday. After the meal, the older kids were out playing ball and chasing around, the youngest nephew was taking a nap, but that left the 'in betweener' just walking around packing a toy gun. At some point my Son came walking past my chair with the 5 year old in tow commenting that they 'were going to shoot something'. I figured airsoft but then Son comes out of his 'office/gun study' with the little Ruger Charger and gave me that 'come along' nod. We trundled down to the dirt pile behind the barn and the little guy had a grand time punching the 'shoot-n-see' target until the ammo ran out. At one pointSon had to go back to the house for something leaving the boy and I just idling. I sat down and he did also and we just talked about all sorts of stuff including the goats and guard dog and just stuff. He got a little chilly and snuggled into my fleece jacket for a while until Son got back with whatever he'd gone to find.
Anyway, when we got back to the house the boy's Mother commented that she was surprised that he had been bold enough to ask to go with Uncle to shoot. When she heard how open and outgoing he'd been with me(I only see him 2-3 times a year) she was really surprised. Seems he's a bit self conscious and had never done anything like before. I hadn't given it any thought--just talked to him like one of my own and encouraged him to talk about things that were right in front of us. Made me feel really worthwhile.
Oh BTW, he did pretty well with the red dot equipped Charger and 'folding brace'. Son peeled the target off the backer and stuck it to a sheet of printer paper so he could take it home as a trophy.


Dec 4, 2021
Good on ya Mobuck.Thanks for being a good influence on the young'n and treating him as he deserves to be treated. I'll bet this will stick with him for a while.
Dec 3, 2021
Well I guess under all that ...... you're just a big old tender hearted teddy bear. Those are the best times.

While I got you here for a minute, in your post dumpster party, I was thinking of how lucky you are to have owned a family farm for 42 years. I'm very envious of you, my Dear GrandDad tried his best to involved me in his rice and cotton farm along with a crop dusting operation in Harrisburg Arkansas. My Brother I spent most of our childhood with him there and I guess I took the biggest interest in the activities of the day to day life of a farmer. This all came about after finishing up 2 tours in Vietnam and my discharge from the Marine Corp. My Dear Friend Thurgood and I decided we were going to jump into the corporate aviation world as owner operators. After two and half years of starving to death paying our bills and realizing I had possible made an error, (one of hundreds in my life). One of the major growers had made him an offer for the entire acerage. He spent the remainder of his years hunting and fishing and pestering my GrandMom and never once did he make the remark I told you so.

My flying career started while sitting on his lap dusting cotton in a 1945 Stearman PT-17, I believe his very first duster was a Huff-Daland Petrel 31.
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Sep 18, 2002
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Sometimes,, there's a connection with someone or something that can't be explained. Looks like you & that little man have a good connection. I know you'll nurture it as much as possible.