OM Grip frame and New Vaquero

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Dec 6, 2004
Rhode Island
[OM Grip frame and New Vaquero]

Yes/no, to the grip panels - in three different ways. But I don't know about the actual gripframes bolting up to the frame and matching the contours.

First - all OM gripframes are not the same.

AFAIK, some OM gripframes are the SAA-clone XR-3, while later ones are XR-3RED (RED=redesign ?) - with a slightly different shape/outline.

Second, The XR-3 and NV grip panels will fit either frame shape - but grips going on the NV gripframe will need the grip locator pin hole drilled in the NV position.
Ditto, NV grips going on an XR-3 gripframe.

Third, While the XR-3 and NV grip panels will fit either frame shape - the grips going on a NV will need the lower central portion of each panel releived for the internal lock, and area about 1"x 3/4"x 1/8".



Apr 3, 2009
People's Republik of California

All Ruger SA grip frames including SBH Dragoon, Old Army, Bisley and Birdshead (excluding Bearcats of course) will interchange from the standpoint of the screw pattern from Single Six to Super BH, Old Model to New Model, and even NM to OM.

It's always easier to use a 'take off' grip frame because new steel and stainless grip frames from Ruger are only about 90% finished, requiring more work and bluing if not stainless steel.

There are other issues to be aware of when swapping GFs depending on which models and vintage grip frame are being swapped which I can elaborate on if interested:
*matching the grip frame 'ears' to main frame & hammer,
* grip frame projections,
* internal locks,
* Bisley/Birdshead grip frames
* "Reverse Indexing Pawl System" (RIPS), a simple modification is required for NM Flat Tops and New Vaqueros which all have the RIP System
*NM grip frame adaption to old model main frames; trigger return spring adaptation
*a few mods for Old Model grip frame to fit a NM main frame.

In a nutshell, there's three basic 'plow handle' Ruger grip sizes. Original large frame Vaqueros, NM Single Sixes, and NM Blackhawks use the XR3-RED size shown. The New Vaq and Flat Top NM Blackhawks use the XR3 size grip frame; note that all the new model XR3 size grip frames are 7/16" thick, the old model XR3 and all other grip frames are 1/2" thick. The SBH Dragoon grip frame shown is for the 7 1/2" and 10" models. All other barrel length SBHs use the XR3-RED size shown:

There are also XR3-RED 'short' grip frames (not shown) model specific to the .32 Mag Single Six Vaqueritos which are ¼" vertically shorter than the XR3 and XR3-RED grips frame.