OM 45 Colt cylinder and barrel

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Dec 5, 2002
Idaho falls, ID
I picked up this 44 flattop frame years ago with the plan of sending it off the Bowen to have a custom 45 colt built off it. As luck would have it, I was able to locate not one, but two, custom flattops that were set up how this one was going to be finished out. The receiver has been drilled and tapped as shown in the photos. Not all of the components are present but everything that is present is shown in the photos.

Everything sold with the exception of the 45 Colt cylinder and barrel.

OM 45 colt 7.5" barrel and cylinder as pictured. The ejector rod stud on the barrel is damaged but included is the replacement stud. Bottom picture was the planned result of these components.

Sum of components:

44 flattop receiver: $300
45 Colt barrel: $125

45 Colt Cylinder: $250
XR3 grip frame: $75 (other grip frames options available to sub)
Total $725

I will take $625 shipped for all the items pictured, minus the last picture of the completed gun. At this point I don't want to separate the components. I also have some other grip frame options available if you want to go XR3-RED, Factory Brass frame, steel frame, etc.

Without any takers for everything in one package I'm open to selling off the individual components.





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