Old Style Dove Tail mount for 10/22

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Rusty Trigger

Aug 16, 2008
Southern Illinois
Well about a 100 years ago when I got my first Ruger 10/22 it came with a 4 screw dove tail mount. Of course no one uses them anymore but I have a need ONE. It mounts with 4 screws and provides a dovetail mount for dovetail rings. Now to save a bunch of chit chat back and forth I'm NOT going to use it to mount rings and scope on a 10/22. It just so happens the mount mentioned is perfect when using a Volquartsen Weaver barrel mount scope base. The long end that comes back over the receiver is help upward with a set screw. I have found cutting the 10/22 dove tail mounts down and drilling a pilot hold for the set screw is MUCH more firm, soooooooooo. I'm looking to pick up about 2-3 of the OLD 4 screw dove tail mount. Can anyone tell me where I can find a couple ?
Thanks Men (and women),
The Trigger