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I'm a new member and I have a value question.

We had to increase insurance on the house and need to do a new value list for the guns.

The gun in question is an early Old Model Bearcat in 80% (my opinion) condition. Serial # is 78* with no letter prefix. It has the painted frame and there are a few tiny scratches on the bottom of the grip frame and the edges of the top strap. There is also a touch of holster wear on the side of the ejector housing. It is at the front of the housing where it would slide inand out of a holster.

The hammer has a bit of discoloration on the tip. Sad to say, there is no box. I originally had the box but I don't even remember when it disappeared.

Thanks in advance for any information on the little gun that you can share with me.


Dec 11, 2002
Ohio , U.S.A.
welcome to the Forum, and you have a first years production gun ( they came out in 11958), and the finish of the frame is 'anodized' NOT painted...........there is a premium on that early of a 3 digit gun and if you had the box and it was a bit nicer shape it would be pushing the $900 range, ( about double of the blue book value) but NO box and an 80% conditin range ( your numbers, ) doesn't look that low to my eyes. but cannot see the bottom, or the other side......looks closer to 90 % really.Anyway ,still at least a $500-600 gun as far as I'm concerned,and to the right person, MORE.......nice one, thats a keeper and worthwhile to try and find a NICE old Bearcat box for it.... I would


Feb 19, 2009
Alabama, Athens
WELCOME to the forum :) two of the most KNOW YOUR RUGER guys :) gave you great answers as to your Bearcat :) to me a 80% gun has to be really bad --a lot of blue wear--some dings in metal a lot of wear :( so you have a sweet little gun 90% is closer even with a little holster wear on other side + 3 A lot of guys would like to have a Bearcat 3 diget - in your guns condition :!:

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