old deerstalker at gun show

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May 24, 2006
charles city . va
I ain't tryin to make you mad but I traded a Beratta 92fs that I'd had for 10 years and was my every day carry piese and had shoot at least 10,000 rounds through for my 1965 standard carbine thats in 98 % + it has a werver K-4 classic 4x38MM scope on it .Now the Beratta looked good just a little holster ware and a bit of ware on the barrel on top where the slide touches the barrel when cycling but I paid around $350.00-400.00 for the Beratta used and the deerstalker is worth twice that at least .The guy wanted a carry gun and I'd been looking for a carbine in good shape for years .I don't tkink the man knew what he had