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Gary Slider

Nov 23, 2007
West Virgiinia
Hawaii – Maui County has added information on how to apply for a carry permit. We can’t see where any of the other counties have posted anything about the recent SCOTUS ruling. Hawaii is made up of 5 counties which the main islands are one county. Permits issued are only valid in the county of issue. But Maui County has added issuing info which is almost unheard of in Hawaii. Latest info is only 4 permits have been issued in all of Hawaii in the last 22 years. You can see their info down the page but you can also see their registration procedures etc. https://www.mauicounty.gov/329/Firearms-Information-and-Procedures

Maryland - On July 5, 2022, Governor Hogan Directed the Maryland State Police to Suspend the ‘Good and Substantial Reason’ Standard For Wear and Carry Permits. Action Pursuant to Supreme Court Ruling Striking Down Similar Provision in New York Law. No other changes at this time on other issues on applying or places off limits.
https://handgunlaw.us/documents/agopinions/LD-HPU-22-002 Suspension of G&S.pdf
MD State Police Page https://mdsp.maryland.gov/Organization/Pages/CriminalInvestigationBureau/LicensingDivision.aspx

Massachusetts – The AG has put out an Advisory to all Local Issuing Authorities. The letter sounds good for the anti gunners about enforcing all of MA gun laws but what it says is the Just Cause can’t be enforced and if they meet the other requirements you have to issue. Time will tell if they try to do what NY has done but most likely will. https://www.mass.gov/doc/ago-eopss-ltc-guidance/download

New York - The Governor has signed A41001 which is what I call a pile of garbage but lists places off limits and other items NY has changed in their laws on Issuing etc. Instead of Good Cause it is now Moral Character. Depends on who defines it!! You should read the bill. https://legislation.nysenate.gov/pdf/bills/2021/A41001

Nevada & North Carolina - Nevada has put out a new list of states they will honor. The only change from their last change is they added North Carolina to their list. North Carolina honors all other states. Nevada seems to keep changing their listing adding and removing states. If you want to keep abreast of who Nevada honors this month go to https://rccd.nv.gov/Resources/Carry_Concealed_Weapon_(CCW)_Permit/ and then click on “Out-of-State CCW Permit Recognition.” Pay attention to the date in the URL as that may be your only tell if the list has changed since you last look at it. They have finally put a date in the lower right corner but they may never change that date if they update their list.


Jan 25, 2017
I have read the "New" NYS law. What a bunch of crap. Can't see how this conforms to what the Supreme Court just stated. It's worse than before in my mind. Especially the part about "having to be invited" into private businesses. Pretty much now almost all of NYS is a "gun free" zone. Glad I moved out of there years ago. My daughter is currently in the permit acceptance process, hope they don't drag their feet so she will have to jump through more hoops! And now a 3 year renewal, with arbitrary reviews at will? I could go on but you need to read it yourself if you live in NYS. And, BTW, if you do live there you need to move!

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