NOS Ruger P-guns spotted!

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Apr 27, 2009
over the hill from Preskitt
Stopped in my favorite LGS (50 miles away) and was surprised to find some New Old Stock Rugers in the case. How about a new black P93DC for $299? Or a new black P85 for $299? KP90DC, I think a P97, I'm still amazed. They're in Ruger's backyard here in Az and get a call once in a while when Ruger finds some guns off in a corner somewhere. They aren't allowed to call them new for some reason but they are. No I didn't come home with any, mainly because I couldn't decide which one. If there had been a late production P89 it would have been mine though. The black P93 is just good looking and would make a nice matched set with my stainless one...probably just as well the wife was along or I'd have some explaining to do.

If you want their phone number shoot me a PM. I have nothing it it but giving a heads up. Mods if this is improper delete it or tell me where is better to post it.