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Jan 26, 2009
Ragnarok Farm, Iowa
Mobuck said:
I may live in a somewhat primitive spot but if I need to deploy a weapon, I'm not going to go the 'non-lethal' route.
If I lived in a spot that forbid the use of a 'lethal weapon', I'd move post-haste.
If I were a bad guy, I'd be all for the use of 'non-lethal' weapons. Being uncomfortable for a couple hours is nothing compared to being dead forever.


Out in the sticks, you're on your own.
You don't know if the bad guy is alone, or armed, or crazy. His friends either, if he's not alone.

You didn't seek the encounter. You don't want the encounter. It has been forced on you.
Whatever the outcome, depends on YOU.

I would never want to bring a knife to a gun fight...
Nov 15, 2005
Greenville, SC: USA
I think the problem with all this... this devise as well as any non lethal method... and even add in our lethal ones is the ability to decide which to use. I doubt many of us are trained well enough to determine what type of deterrent is appropriate against an aggressor. It is not like you are going to have time to decide or even discuss with them what is best.


Sep 6, 2009
Dadgum " similar posts " neco threads strikes again .

This is a gun forum . All these super wiz bang Non Lethal Devices have certain target markets :

1. LE/ Corrections/Security that already have multiple Force Options , and might be intetested in one more , for certain niche situiations .

2. Those persons with religious/ moral beliefs , who just can't abide to actually hurt an attacker .

3. Those persons who actually know better , but not legal for them to own/ possess firearms .

Numbers 2 & 3 probably have a low representation on this or similar fora .

The remaining small niche is non- professionals ( no slamming intended , meaning they have no professional obligations to affirmatively complete making an arrest / detention , or remove someone from a cell they do not care to leave , instead to primarily end the day alive , and minimally the worse for wear .)

In observing training , everyone is effected by OC , but the big variable is how quickly . Some people literally drop on the spot , others have several minutes of being active , running , and striking blows on multiple padded instructors .

I first hand observed an crazy and/ or stoned individual already cuffed after agg assaults take multiple rounds of spraying , with minimal effect upon his continued kicking , biting . and head butting .

Was told by the participating individual about a subject that didn't react to OC , until 30 min later while being booked .

OC is definitely better than previous defensive aerosols , and are probably the best remote option for people not able or inclined to spend $400-ish . But don't make OC your only option , have a Plan B , and a Plan C .

Having firearm in one hand , and ( whatever less lethal ) in other hand at same time is extremely Bad Idea .

Historical Humor -

Once upon a time , pre OC era , I was bored , and actually read all the fine print on the instruction sheet for Genuine S&W Brand MACE . The interesting part was to the effect of :

WARNING ! May not be effective on individuals under the influence of drugs or alcohol , or who are VIOLENT . ( first emphasis in original , second by me )

What the heck ! Who else would you use it on ? If they're calm , sober . and not violent , why would you Mace them ?

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