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Nov 23, 2007
Moscow, Idaho
Help fellow collectors, where do I look for a complete list of non gun collectibles and values? I saw a partial here the other day...but is there a complete list starting from the first gifts and commemoratives...and then the RCA etc. RB


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Sep 18, 2002
Lake Lure NC USA
Ohh, that kind of list is LONG & usually clouded somewhat by the lack of "for sure" knowledge of some items.
Lets see,, there are employee Christmas gifts, 10 year club gifts, 25 year club gifts, accessories, patches, decals, special gifts to certain employees, retirement gifts, etc. I have several lists in my book where I keep my reference notes,, and trust me when I say there is a LOT of stuff to chase.
Some of the lists are a bit easier to keep up with, such as the 10 yr & 25 yr gifts,, but just memorbilia stuff is a large list. Then there are the items that go way back to the very early years,, where salesmen came to Bill & wanted him to buy something so they brought samples. Lots of oddity items out there. Some of those goodies are expensive too!
I currently have 6 different lists of stuff in my book.


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Mar 28, 2001
Colorado native, Vermont transplant
While by no means complete, this list used to be posted on the rugermania site (and I think it was distilled from an article by chet15 in an old RCA Journal, possibly with some additions):

Memorabilia from the 1940's
1941 The Problem Fox First children's book written by Alexander Sturm. 9,623 produced.
1942 From Ambush to Zig-Zag. Children's book written by Alexander Sturm. 3,000 produced.
1946-48 Hand Drill (Ruger Corp.) Hand cranked drill. Drill handle uses pistol grip like Ruger .22 Standard Pistol
1947-48 Hand Drill (Ruger Corp.) Hand cranked drill. Straight handle (eggbeater style)
1947-48 Bit Brace (Ruger Corp.) Hand brace, wood handles.

Memorabilia from the 1950's
1953 Plastic Single Six Frame Prototype sample of the alloy grip frame
1953 Red Anodized XR3 grip frames Prototype sample, 2 known
1953 Green Anodized XR3 grip frames Prototype sample. 1 known.
1953 Gold Anodized XR3 grip frames Prototype sample. 1 known.
1955 Ruger Pistol lighter Zippo lighter. 4 known.
1954-60 Large Decal: Ruger Pistol/Rifle Decal. 12 known.
1955 Quick Draw Timer machine Manufactured by the Thompson Clock Co. 4 produced.
1955 (est.) .22LR Ruger ammunition, Box of 50. 1 box confirmed. 1 or 2 more may exist.
1956 Silk Necktie. Red tie with black Ruger eagle. 200 produced.
1957 Large auto pistol tie clip Functioning miniature pistol. 170 produced.
1958 Ruger Ashtray in shape of pistol. Black eagle logo.24 produced. 10 may survive.
1958 Cufflink set "HICKOK" Round circle Sturm Ruger logo in Hickock box. 50 produced.
1959 on Ten Year tie pin Given to employees after 10 years of service. Cutout of Ruger eagle with 10 year service logo.
1959 on Ten Year tie bar and cufflinks Same as above, but tie bar and cufflinks. 30 estimated.
1959 Medium Auto Pistol tie clip Same as 1957 model, but smaller. 170 produced.

Memorabilia from the 1960's
1960-75 Ruger firearm patch
1960-68 Camp Perry Shirt 50 produced
1960-68 Camp Perry Hat 50 produced
1960 Lighter "Robbed from Bill Ruger" 300 produced
1961 Sm. Auto tie clip 170 produced
1961 Lighter "1961 Outing" 125 produced
1962 10/22 Clear magazine 1000 produced
1962 10/22 Red, magazine
1962 10/22 White magazine
1962 10/22 Blue magazine
1962 Tie Bar and Cuff links "Short" Anson box
1962 Gold anodized XR3-Red grip frames 6 or 7 produced
1962 Gold Anodized XRN-3RED grip frame
1962-63 Rosewood grips experimental XR-3Red
1963 Engraved Punch Bowl set Punch bowl set engraved with employees initials on side. This set is engraved "Brandy".
1966 Men’s leather wallet 250 produced
1966 Sycamore grips XR-3Red
1966 Canadian Centennial Medallion 5,000 produced
1967 Pewter shot glass 250 produced
1967/68 Card deck Double deck in plastic box. Small eagle logo yellow/gray color. 10 produced
1968-72 Yankee Winchoist 4,000 produced
1968 Ash tray, Large 4,000 produced
1969 Coffee Cup 250 produced
1969 Automobile Brochure

Memorabilia from the 1970's
1970 Automobile Brochure
1970 Knife Blades Prototype. 75 estimated
1970 IACP Conference Police notebook
1970 Playing Cards Slip type hard box. Black and yellow back. 500 produced.
1970-72 Tie bar/cuff links Long "Australian" type bar. 1 known
1971-74 Burginga grips XR-3Red
1971-74 Azobe grips XR-3Red
1971-74 Zebrawood Grips Super Blackhawk
1972 Ash Tray small 6 produced
1972 Tie bar Australian, silver plate and clear medallion. 1 known.
1972 Australian patch, silver
1972 Australian patch, orange
1972 Australian patch, rose
1972 Stein, ceramic, undated. 650 produced.
1972 Stein set, all five Set of 5 collector's beer steins
1973 Tie bar/cuff Tie bar and cufflink set in blue plastic clear top box. 750 produced.
1974 25 Year pin, gold. Given to employees after 25 years of service.
1974 Stein, ceramic dated 850 produced
1974 Pocket calendar/Red dust cover
1975 Stein, ceramic dated 850 produced
1975 Pocket calendar/Red dust cover
1975 Rosewood grips/XR-3 red Colorado Centennial
1976 Patch, 200th year of Liberty
1976 Calendar, wall type in brown tube
1976 Pocket calendar/Red dust cover
1976 Stein, ceramic 1976 dated 1,200 produced
1976 Black plastic grips prototype
1976 Grips gray
1976 Grips gold
1976 Grips gray/white swirls Prototype. 4 known
1976 Grips gold/metal flake Prototype. 4 known.
1976 Grips black/gold flake Prototype. 1 known
1976 Grips red/white swirls Prototype. 1 known.
1976 Grips white/red swirls Prototype. 1 known.
1976 Colorado centennial full plate 5 known
1976-79 Patch: Traditional American Firearms Craftsmanship
1976-79 Decal: Traditional American Firearms Craftsmanship
1977 on Portfolio Red or Blue Quality Firearms
1977 Pocket calendar/Red dust cover
1977 Stein ceramic dated 1977 1,250 produced
1977 Portfolio with camera label
1978 Pocket calendar
1978 Armorers Pins Two sizes sm/lg. tan/blue/red boxes. 2 size boxes also bagged
1978 Plates, metal etched for Lyman Cent rifle, cent II. 1 set Right and Left plates + 2 others
1978 Cards single silver box see thru 500 produced
1978 Double Deck of Cards in silver box. Box has see through lid. 1,500 produced.
1979 Picnic bag (thermal type) 1,400 produced
1979 Portfolio, Red. 30 Years of Ruger Firearms
1979 Calendar pocket
1979 Calendar wall, black tube
1979 Counter mat 30 years of Ruger Firearms
1979 Belt buckle 30 years of Ruger Firearms No R 140 produced
1979 Belt Buckle 30 years of Ruger Firearms With R 350 produced
1979 Clock wall type, 30 years of Ruger Firearms 750 produced
1979 Patch 30 years of Ruger Firearms

Memorabilia from the 1980's
1980 Decal , 30 years of Ruger Firearms
1980 Counter mat Imprinted with Traditional firearms craftsmanship
1980 on Patch, Ruger Firearms Yellow background
1980 on Decal, Ruger Firearms White square
1980 Pocket calendar
1980 Redhawk tie tack
1980 Candy Dish ceramic 1500 produced
1980 #1 side plate belt buckle, pair
1981 Pen and Pencil set Cross type. 100 produced
1981 Pen Quill 2000 produced
1981 Calendar pocket
1982 Press kit
1982 Calendar pocket
1982 Serving tray black 1600 produced
1982 Matches, 10 year club Set of ten. Red and gold bird boxes.
1982 Banner Red and yellow
1982 Table cloth Red and yellow
1983 Patch, Ruger Fire Brigade 70 produced
1983 Calendar pocket
1983 Cards double deck Red and gold
1983 Ski Hat
1983 63-83 Pine tree casting key chain
1984 Knife, Zippo Black plastic box. 1600 produced.
1984 Knife, Zippo Anson box
1985 Coasters Set of six
1985 Knife/nail file, Zippo
1985 10 years club paper weight 390 produced
1985 Monkey bolt Made by factory employee
1986 Patch, Ruger Firearms Yellow, red and gold
1986 Key ring, Zippo
1986 10 year club pewter eagle key chain. 430 produced
1987 Pine tree calendar book
1987 Glass beer mug, clear
1987 Coffee cup, Pine tree casting, with
1987 Coffee Cup, Pine Tree Casting, without address
1987 10 year club letter opener 500 produced
1987 10 year club tape measure
1988 Ceramic Coasters Set of 4, 4 1/4" dia., outer circle red, Ruger top & Firearms bottom in black, Logo in red, SR in black, eye black, box marked Coaster Stone. Distributor Christmas gift.
1988-90 Balloons, Calif. Shooting fair
1988 Tape measure, Zippo
1988 Clock, 10 year club 475 produced
1988 Pine Tree 25 year key ring
1988 3 ring binder for dealers Silver and black bird
1989 Cooler, playmate From district meeting
1989 Watch, mans Imprinted with 1949-1989 40 years of Ruger Firearms
1989 Watch, woman's Imprinted with 1949-1989 40 years of Ruger Firearms
1989 Watch, mans Imprinted with eagle. Has dotes for numbers
1989 Mini-Mug pewter, 40yrs 1600 Est. production, Silver Mini Mug with the Inscription. 40th. Years
1989 Dish, 10 year club 750 produced
1989 Watch, woman's Imprinted with eagle. Has dotes for numbers
1989 Decals, dealers silver and black

Memorabilia from the 1990's
1990 Counter mat Counter mat of Double action Ruger
1990 Cards, Single deck Full silver box
1990 Cards, double deck Full silver box
1990 Poker chips and cards Set of 300 chip with 2 single card decks. 132-136 produced.
1990 Christmas gift, miniature tree ornament. Small plate with painting of Newport.
1990 Golf Balls, set of 12
1990 Press kit
1990 Lighter white/ by P Jeep
1990 Counter mat, double action rebate
1990 Wall banner, double action rebate
1990 10 year club plate Large plate with painting of Newport.
1991 Ruger felt pen, Investment casting
1991 Pocket Calendar, Pine Tree
1991 W.B. Ruger ammo Non-loaded no primer or powder. 300 singles produced.
1991 W.B. Ruger ammo, live 20 rounds per box. Est. 15,000 shells total. 750 Boxes produced.
1991 Christmas tree ornament, small plate
1991 Christmas gift, miniature tree ornament Small plate with painting of Southport
1991 10 year club plate Large plate with painting of Southport.
1992 Pine Tree Lapel Pin. Yellow and red
1992 Carry-on Bag Made from an Indian rug material with Ruger logo on side.
1992 Christmas gift, Tree ornament Miniature plate of Newport
1992 10 year club plate, Newport 600 produced. 1 of 600.
1992 Ruger shooting vest, Ruger Logo
1993 Ruger Investment casting light weight medallion 1_/8"
1993 10 Year Club Plate Prescott picture. 600 Produced.
1993 Christmas gift, Miniature tree ornament Small ornament with picture of Prescott
1994 Black Pin with Crystal Printed Sturm, Ruger. & Co. Inc., Fine Firearms Newport Engineers.
1994 Time Manager Planner Pocket planner. Printed with Atlas-Ruger Casting
1994 1994 Shot Show Lapel Pin.
1994 Information Book, Firearm Ownership in America Full title Firearm Ownership in America--Our Responsibility for the future. Informational book with red 5 x 7 cover.
1994 Cross Ball Pen Classic Black in tan box #2502
1994 Cross Pencil Classic Black in tan box #250305
1994 Ruger Investment Casting Tie 24 - 36 produced.
1994 Christmas gift, Miniature plate Miniature plate with photo Bill Ruger.
1994 10 Year club gift Miniature Mug 1949-1994. 1 of 575.
1994 Christmas cards with 45 Year sticker
1995 No Press release at shot show or told none being done this year
1995 10 Year Club gift Miniature shot glass. 1 of 575.
1995 Christmas Card to dealers
1995 1995 Christmas gift, Candy dish Clear candy dish with etched Ruger logo bird
1995 10 Year Club gift Miniature Black shot glass. 1 of 575.
1995 Christmas Card to dealers
1996 Pocket Pal Calendar Complete Ruger Invest Co. printed on cover.
1996 Ruger Patch Black and Red patches in large and small
1996 Ruger's Book Ruger's new book
"RUGER AND HIS GUNS" first production, hard bound copy.
1996 Ruger's Leather Bound Book A limited run of "RUGER AND HIS GUNS" book in red leather. Autographed 1 of 1000 by author Larry Wilson. I understand that the first 25 have been autographed by William B. Ruger also. Have not seen to confirm but on very good authority.
1996 Dealer Decal Very large dealer door decal in balck and red. Refers to Ruger dealer.
1996 1996 Christmas Gift A Gold finished Bottle opener/Key Chain with the Ruger Logo in the center. Small in box.
1996 Patch Law enforcement black and red patch. Large and small.
1996 10 Year Club The 1996 10 year club gift is a black shot glass with the Ruger logo on one side and 1 of 650 on the other.
1996 Tee Shirt White tee shirt with Calaways & Ruger on front, refers to "A winning Team" Most were in large only.
1997 Lapel Pin 1997 Shot Show lapel pin offered to dealers who attended. Black, Red & Gold.
1997 10 Year Club Gift Black Shot Glass, 10 Year Club 1 of 650 in Gold
1997 1997 Christmas Gift Gold Tone Key Fob, Black Eagle with Red & Gold Outline, Blue felt in Box
1998 Lapel Pin Shot Show Lapel pin in Gold and Black

Ruger Memorabilia with limited availability
20Gauge label
Armorer's Apron long. Only 1 produced
Armorer's Apron short. Only 1 produced
Armorer's Pad. Only 1 produced
Armorer's school patch
Binder black, gold eagle hot stamp
Cool cup, armorer in blue
Employees manual black instruction
Employees name brassard
Flag off the Ruger Yacht (Banner) white and red
Gray NRA show bag
Grip frame in white, XRN-3 Red
Grip Frame, alum, XR#-Red alcoa
Grip Frame, alum, XR-3 alcoa
Grip frame, brass & grips in box(new)
Grips for Navy Seals 22 auto, plastic back eagle in mold (1 not on gun)
Grips red prototype XR-3
Grips silver XRN-3 Red
Lapel pin, red-gold eagle 1 inch
Lapel pin, Yellow-red eagle 1 inch
Law Enforcement patch
Mk II prototype magazine in Stainless Steel. 1 known
Patch, 2.5 inch , Orange, red & black.2 produced
Patch, 3.5 inch , blue Ruger.1 produced
Patch, 3.5 inch , red Ruger.1 produced
Pin Tree Casting Sun Hat.
Pin, gold borders, wreath & eagle, red Ruger eagle black background
Pin, red Ruger & eagle, yellow wreath, black inscription.
Pocket protector, as advertised in outdoor life
Portfolio, maroon leather like texture.1 produced
Powder horns (Prototype)4 types of horns
Small gold matches
Wallet, Velcro type, silver and black
White NRA show bag


Nov 23, 2007
Moscow, Idaho
Holy bowlegged raindeer WMG! what a list!! Thank you for the post I think...Now all I have to do is try and put some kind of values with that and I'm at least in the less worry stage...Greg


Jun 18, 2001
Star Valley, WY
That's exactly why this ol' boy focused on Guns more that the "goodies". Oh, sure, I have some of the goodies but only a few items....

Dec 30, 1999
My suggestion, choose an area within that list and stick with that. Myself for example, I mainly go for glassware and that sort of item and the year club gifts. Focus on one of two aspects of the non-gun stuff and pick up the rest as opportunity allows
Dec 30, 1999
My suggestion, choose an area within that list and stick with that. Myself for example, I mainly go for glassware and that sort of item and the year club gifts. Focus on one of two aspects of the non-gun stuff and pick up the rest as opportunity allows


Nov 23, 2007
Moscow, Idaho
:shock: Evryone keeps telling me I need to focus...I had this old new model 4 5/8 357 to carry for bears when I was still working the came with a nice new RSSMX and the darn things multiplied into every darn RSS since they were invented...I picked up a couple patches...same crap...multiplication...and tools...and card decks...and there you go..just leave well enough alone or call it an "investment"...better on the mental health..RB


Dec 30, 2007
here's a nice one of a kind