No.1,which one ?

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Heavy Barrel

Jan 17, 2003
South Central,PA USA
I have a total of eleven No.1's.Ran across on I have been after for a long time and it isn't cheap.Have decided to get rid of one and am down to one of the following four.Which one,your thoughts.

1B,7MM Mag,pre prefix.
1B 6MM Liberty,unfired
1V 220 Swift,first year,unfired
1B 280-7Mm Express,unfired



Apr 7, 2006
central New York
This all comes down to personal preferences, sentimentality, etc. From a purely rational point of view, the 1V 220 swift would be the easiest to replace (I don't think the fact that it's a first year gun for this caliber adds much to the value). If the Liberty marking is not considered inportant, I would say it's a toss-up between it and the 6mm. The 280 is not rare, but I think it's harder to find and replace at reasonable cost compared with the 220 Swift or 1B 6mm.
Now, if you want to maximize your monetary gain, you should definitely sell the non prefix 7mm Mag. This, however, would be the last one I would sell speaking as a collector/shooter/accumulator.
P.S. Eleven Number Ones is viewed by some of us as a good start.


Aug 19, 2009
West of Seattle
Man that is a tough choice. Don't you have something out in the garage or shop that could go instead? I gave up selling one just to buy another one years ago, except if I had two exactly alike and they weren't special.


Jun 29, 2006
Owyhee County, ID, USA
The 7mm Mag as a "B" in a non prefix is one of 460 or so and is highly collectable and certainly the most rare/uncommon of the bunch.

I have to agree with what was said above. Most of us don't place much if any importance on the 200 year marking. Maybe an additional $50 if you have a buyer than collects/buys 200 year guns. I have some but frankly have never made a point of looking for or caring about that marking on a #1. There are certainly more rare/uncommon "B" 6mm Remingtons in prefixed rifles including the very early 130s with Douglas barrels and...........

The first year 220 Swift is uncommon ONLY among 220 Swifts and as a rifle made in 1979 all the Swifts have Wilson barrels or at least till the change over to Ruger barrels in 1991. It's going to have a barrel warning like ALL 220 Swifts. Red recoil pad but that's pretty common and available for a lot of years. The only thing that might give it a boost would be the 3 screw trigger that was on the first 2 years 220 Swifts. To be honest I can't imagine that the trigger really matters to the average #1 buyer.

The 280/7mm Remington is uncommon among the 280s but again it has the same features other than caliber designation as the 280s on eother side of it in the same configuration. I might pay a small premium for one over the same rifle marked 280 but NOT more than $50 - $100 dollars and to be honest I own a factory 280 "B" so the 20/7mm would have to be a bargain before I bought it.

I realize this is all a matter of personal choice but if they were mine and I was selling one I would sell them in this order, 220 Swift, 280/7mm, 6mm and 7mm Mag.

Now if the goal was to get the most money and sell the fastest, I would do it in reverse order.

the best



Sep 14, 2006
Leaving California .....
What's the goal in selling? To get rid of a duplicate, to make as much $$$ as possible or the one you like least?

It seems to me selling the 7 Rem Mag hits two of those points, yes?

BTW, I hate selling any of my guns and think I'll miss having them, but after the deal is done I don't miss it.