No. 1 Replacement stocks?

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Jun 6, 2009
DFW, Texas
Recently acquired a No. 1V in 22-250 that could use a little help in the "stock replacement" category. Want to keep it as "original" as possible, ie: no synthetic. I've searched the forum with no results for companies, 'smith's, or manufacturers or recommended sources.

Please feel free to provide your expert opinions for sources of these little jewels. Thanks everybody!


Apr 7, 2006
central New York
Your best, quickest and, in the long run, most cost-effective solution is to send it back to Ruger and have them fit it with new wood. It is almost unheard of to find factory 1V forearms on the secodnary market.
If you're looking for "nicer" wood, there are quite a few stock producers who will sell you as fancy a set as you want to pay for. Great American Gunstocks, Wenig, Treebone, CPA come to mind and there are several others I'm sure.


Jun 29, 2006
Owyhee County, ID, USA
You don't describe the underlining problem but sending back is the easiest way to get wood. As mentioned "V" foprearms seldom show up after market.

That being said there is absolutely no way they can or will assure you what the wood will look like other than it will be properly fir and finsihed. It could a one with killer wood or it could be a 2x4.

Even when you send it to the factory there is absolutely no way that they attempt to get the forearm to match the color/grain of the butt stock.

If the stock is not too badly damaged or gouged I would suggest you think of having it refinished and re-checkered by a pro. Mine doesn't charge me much more than Ruger charges for new/installed wood and you end up with a beutiful hand rubbed oil finish and a butt stock and forearm that at least match for texture, finish and color.

I recently did the falling #1s trick in the gun room and gouged a really ugly hole dead center in the checkering in the forearm of a non prefix #1.

At first he said he thought he could simply re-cut the checkering. When I picked it up he said he re-finished it and recut the entire panel. I've owned #1s since 1967 and if you asked me, I'd have to say the forearm was factory and original to the rifle.

If you need a name drop me a line off site.