Newly repaired KP90, 2 revolvers and my first handloads

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Jan 1, 2010
San Diego, PRK
Gotta confess, I was pretty nervous heading to the range yesterday with my first batch of home rolled ammo. I took my GOOD safety glasses.

First order of business was springing my new-to-me Taurus 669 6" from PRK pistol jail. Nice!

My KP90 was fresh back from Prescott so she got 50 rds of factory WWB for a warmup. One last round jam. Rats. But she digested 20 rds each of my test loads. One was accurate, the heavier one, not so much. .4gr of Bullseye makes a difference behind a 230gr FMJ it seems. After that I ran 5rds of Win factory 230gr JHP through each of 4 mags without a hiccup. So I think she's GTG with my HD rounds.

So out came the .357 wheelguns & 2 batches of my decidedly powderpuff "magnum" loads.

That Taurus is SAH-WEET! I have no business asking for such a nice weapon for $300 OTD. As nice as the Smith? Pretty damn close. A pistol connoisseur could undoubtedly point out many faults but to me the Taurus is just great.

The new-to-me S&W 28-2 6" was next. This hasta be as good as it gets. What a sweet shooting pistol.

Both of my loads were 158gr LSWC sitting on light charges of Bullseye. Recoil was VERY light, and the heavier of the two I think is my new target load. Both revolvers seemed to like the load just fine.

Note to reloading n00bs. If yer gonna leave your powderless "test" pieces laying around, pack yer own ramrod so when that squib that found it's way into yer box goes "pffft" at the range you don't suffer the embarrassment of having the range guy clear it when the bullet sticks halfway into the CB gap...:oops:

I'm still very much a pistol n00b and I'm sure a good pistol shot could do better, but there are 8 rounds in this target @ 10 yds. It was the last target of the day & I had a couple left over. Ummm... it's the S&W BTW. The KP90 just ain't in the same league for accuracy. At least for me.